If you’re living somewhere with minimal outdoor space, enjoy the beauty and benefits of Mother Nature by bringing your garden inside! Embellishing interiors with greenery has been popular for a while now, and with good reason. Not only do house plants inject colour and life into a room, but studies have shown they provide a number of health and wellbeing benefits too. Research demonstrates that house plants clean the air, deter illness, boost healing and even sharpen your focus!

But, before you head out to the garden centre, read on to find out about our favourite types of indoor plant. These varieties are guaranteed to brighten a space and require minimal effort to maintain.

English Ivy

English Ivy is said to be the number one house plant for filtering the air and also works to reduce the amount of mould in your home; it’s a great alternative to an air purifier. Display it proudly as a hanging plant or on a shelf and let the leaves drape beautifully over the side of the pot. Be careful if you have small children or pets as it’s poisonous!

House Plant Ideas Blog English Ivy


Succulents come a in a range of colours so you can co-ordinate them with the colour scheme in your room. They are hardy plants and only require an occasional watering, so if you’re after something low maintenance these are a great choice – just ensure you display them somewhere they can get plenty of light. Try a small glass dome or copper bowl which can be filled with soil, stones and shapely succulents to make a beautiful mini garden.

House Plant Ideas Blog Succulents


Sansevieria (Mother-in-laws tongue)

These plants are incredibly resilient, some even say childproof! Perfect for those leading busy lives, Sansevieria have the ability to re-attach their own roots if they get knocked over and can go months without water. They’re extremely versatile and would complement almost any interior; adding drama to a dark, gothic inspired room or enhancing the look of a light Mediterranean themed space.


House Plant Ideas Blog Sansevieria

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is renowned for its healing qualities, perfect for soothing burns and blisters, and is a great decorative plant for the home. Amongst all the well-known benefits Aloe Vera also helps to monitor the air quality in your home and will begin to grow brown spots if there is a harmful amount of chemicals in the air. Choose a bright white ceramic pot to reflect light and create a focal point in your room.


House Plant Ideas Blog Aloe Vera

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily will bring rich, green tones and add a feminine touch to your interior. This clever plant helps reduce mould; its leaves absorb spores and then converts them into food and it will even help you out by telling you when it’s thirsty! The top soil will go dry and the flowers will begin to wilt so there’s no excuse for forgetting to water this one!

House Plant Ideas Blog Peace Lily


Red Edged Dracaena

If you fancy something a little different, try the Red Edged Dracaena and add a gorgeous red hue to your indoor space. This plant can grow up to 15 feet tall so it’s a real statement piece, ideal for brightening up an empty corner, or setting next to your patio doors to blur the lines between inside and outside.

House Plant Ideas Blog Red Edged Dracaena.

Bring life and natural beauty into your home with a house plant or two – there really is a variety for every living space. For more indoor plant ideas see our ‘Botanical Interiors’ and ‘Outside Inside’ boards on Pinterest!

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