Difference in mean pay 13.07% Difference in mean bonus pay 7%
Difference in median pay 18.16% Difference in median bonus pay 45%
Percentage of men and women who received bonus pay in the relevant period Male Female
91.2% 90.6%
Percentage of men and women in the quartile bands: Upper; Upper Middle, Lower Middle, Lower Male Female
U 86% 14%
UM 88% 13%
LM 68% 33%
L 71% 29%

The data collated shows a gender pay gap of 13.07%. The data simply shows the difference in earnings between male and female staff, which is largely due to the majority of the workforce being male (predominantly factory staff) Male and female staff receive equality of pay for carrying out work at a similar or comparable level.

As with many manufacturing industries, highly skilled jobs within upholstery have traditionally attracted male employees. Given the level of skills, expertise and craftsmanship, these roles attract higher salaries.

In terms of recruitment practices, we encourage applications from female employees and are starting to partner with local Schools once we have established an apprenticeship route into the business, so that we again encourage interest in industry from both male and female applicants.