Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go to the trouble of calling or emailing us, if you have a general query please try searching our FAQs to find the answer.

What is your delivery lead time?

G Plan delivery lead times are published weekly based on detailed information available at the time of order. From the time of placing an order, to the planned time of delivery we may experience changes to this information as a result delays in our supply chain due to raw materials shortages. Whilst these changes are out of our control and may happen at short notice, please rest assured that we do everything possible to minimise the impact on our customers. If a delay to your stated lead time becomes unavoidable, we will communicate this to your retailer at the earliest opportunity.

Can I wash my sofa covers?

Covers should never be machine washed or dry cleaned by a launderette as this can damage the fire retardant treatment, fade colours and affect the finish of the fabric. Where zips are fitted, this is often to assist ease of manufacture and does not necessarily mean that the cover is removable for cleaning. G Plan recommends that you use a specialist upholstery cleaning company for your furniture. If you have purchased a fabric care treatment for your furniture please consult your care treatment provider for cleaning advice.

For more information about how to care for your furniture, visit our Care Guide online.

How do I keep my leather sofa clean?

You can dust leather G Plan furniture with a soft brush weekly. All leathers can also be wiped weekly with a damp cloth.

Please do not allow hair products, bodily oils, hand creams/lotions, hand sanitiser or perspiration to settle as this could break down the finish over time. We do not recommend or endorse any leather cleaning products as polishes, detergents, solvents, white spirit and stain remover may damage the leather. Do not use baby wipes for cleaning your leather upholstery.

For more information about how to care for your furniture, visit our Care Guide online.

What is sofa dressing and do I have to do it?

Dressing a sofa is the maintenance required to keep your furniture in top shape. All loose cushions should be plumped regularly, with a minimum of six plumps (3 back & front) to minimise creasing and flattening. Reversible cushions should be turned at regular intervals and their positions swapped around to enhance their appearance and comfort, whilst to minimising wear and tear.

Fixed seat and arm cushions require plumping and re-dressing after every use to keep them in excellent condition. Ensure that the cushions and fabric are straightened and ‘smoothed’ out to their original position.

For more information about how to care for your furniture, visit our Care Guide online. Alternatively, watch our Owner’s Video on how to adjust and dress your furniture.

Can I buy furniture parts directly from G Plan? 

Parts can only be purchased from our retailers, however, please contact us at if you have any queries with your order.

Please note: We will provide furniture parts up to 2 years after the discontinuation of a model. To find out the discontinuation date of a model, please contact G Plan Customer Service at

What are the different types of G Plan leather and fabric grades?

The grades featured on our fabrics and leathers dictate the price of material. For example a Grade W fabric is the cheapest, with a Grade C fabric being more expensive. It works the same for our Leather collection; a Grade H is the cheapest, whilst a Grade P is more expensive. For more information, please visit your nearest G Plan retailer.

For full information on our Fabric and Leather Variances, please click here.

What is covered by my guarantee?

All G Plan guarantees cover claims by the first owner of products with normal use, purchased from our approved retailers only. They do not cover damage caused by abnormal use or storage conditions, accidents, negligence by you or a third party or any commercial or institutional use. Failure to follow the written instructions in the Care Guide or provided with the product will invalidate the claim. Any alterations or repairs carried out without our written permission will also invalidate the claim. We do not recommend or endorse any form of stain protection on our fabrics. Our guarantees do not affect your Statutory Rights.

We are so confident in the quality of our work that every sofa and armchair comes with a 25 Year Frame and Frame Construction Guarantee. We offer a 2 Year Manufacturing Guarantee on materials, mechanisms, electrics and workmanship. Elevate Rise & Recline Chairs also include a 5 Year Guarantee on the Handset, Mechanism & Motor. We offer a 10 Year Steel Frame & Moulded Foam Guarantee on all our Ergo and Ergoform Chairs, which have been crafted in Europe to exacting G Plan standards, by our specialist manufacturing partner. You can register your guarantee by clicking here.

Why does my Chenille fabric shading look different? 

Chenille fabrics are woven using a Chenille yarn. Chenille yarns consist of several strands of thread being twisted together, with short fibres running crossways trapped between them. It is these short fibres that create the pile effect. Chenille yarns are often used to create an uneven, random effect with a soft surface texture. The fabric is then tumbled to further add to the soft texture.

Shading may occur across the piece due to the pile running in different directions. For example, one arm may appear darker than the other. Chenille fabrics have more yarn joins, which appear on the surface and are a natural characteristic rather than a fault.

The thickness of Chenille yarn tends to vary slightly, creating a random unevenness to the surface. This may appear as slightly raised lines across the fabric and should not be confused with rogue yarns. These sometimes occur as faults in other fabrics. Chenille fabrics can be subject to ‘pile movement’, particularly in areas of frequent use. This can create a shading look which is a natural characteristic and not a fault of the fabric. It is a feature that builds the character of the furniture as it is used. As Chenille & Velvet-style fabrics may change appearance after use, it is possible to restore the pile to its original position by brushing the fabric regularly with a soft brush.

Where can I buy extra G Plan fabric from?

Additional fabric lengths can be purchased from our retailers, however, please contact us at if you have any queries with your order.

Why do my seat cushions feel firmer than on the model I saw at my retailer? 

The store models have been used regularly by consumers trying out the models. This usage has already softened the interiors and in time yours will also do the same.

Where can I locate the fire label on my sofa suite? 

On furniture where there are loose cushions, the fire label can be found under the seat cushions on the seat platform. Fixed seat models the labels can be found inside the back interior cushion cover.

How do I get my G Plan suite recovered or reupholstered? 

Regretfully this is not a service that G Plan offers. You may be able to enquire locally of an independent upholsterer who could do this for you on a private basis.

Why does the website not feature prices for every G Plan model? 

All of our furniture is made to order in your choice of cover and finish. The Recommended Retail Price represents a fair market price for the quality of workmanship and materials used. The RRP for our products varies for each design and with the price band of the fabric or leather grades chosen. We offer selected models for purchase direct from the G Plan website and the RRP price with any available discounts are shown when you configure your chosen piece/cover(s). Our retailers are free to set their own selling price, so we recommend that you check with your local retailer, as there may well be offers available across the range.

How do I order online from G Plan?

There are two ways to order:

1. Online. You can order selected products direct from by visiting our Online Collection page, using a debit or credit card. We accept Visa or Mastercard.

2. In-store. Our full range can be ordered at your local G Plan retailer. If you are interested in a specific model, you can filter the search to find your nearest store with this model on display.


Can I make changes to my furniture order?

You can only make changes to your order up until the point when you confirm your order in the checkout process. If you need to make a change after this, you’ll need to call our customer service team on 01225 700880. Any changes made after you have confirmed your order could result in your delivery timeframe being longer than the one given on your original order.



Are my bank details safe with you?

Absolutely. Our payment system is run by Adyen and is extremely secure. Your bank details are encrypted and are never shared.

Can I order if I live outside of the UK? 

We can’t currently deliver outside of mainland UK. Please contact our Customer Services Team to see if we can accommodate your requirement:

Where are G Plan products made?

Every G Plan Sofa range is handcrafted by skilled upholsterers in the UK. Our innovative Ergo and Ergoform Chair ranges are crafted in Europe to exacting G Plan standards, by our specialist manufacturing partner.

Can I see a fabric or leather swatch before I buy?

Absolutely – you can order up to 8 swatches for free on our Fabric Samples page.

Will my G Plan Sofa match the fabric or leather swatch exactly?

Our fabrics may vary very slightly from batch to batch due to the production process. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the exact shade, but it will be as close to your swatch as possible.

How do I know if a sofa will fit into my house?

To make sure your new sofa will fit, it’s really important that you measure up before ordering. Check out our Measuring Guide for guidance.

How much will it cost to deliver my sofa if I order it directly from G Plan?

To mainland UK addresses (excluding Northern Ireland): Delivery charges for furniture is £40 for one item and £60 for more than 1 item.

Please note: An additional £80 charge will be applied for deliveries to Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately we do not offer deliveries to Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scottish islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scilly Isles, Jersey or Guernsey.

Our delivery partner will provide an estimated delivery time slot 36 hours before delivery of furniture items. If you subsequently cancel the delivery or if you are not available to accept the delivery when our delivery partner arrives at your address within the agreed time slot, we reserve the right to charge you an additional re-delivery fee of £100, in addition to any delivery charge already paid.

Please see our Delivery & Returns Policy for full Terms and Conditions.

Can I view a G Plan sofa before purchasing it? 

Yes, of course! We work with retailers across the country, offering expert advice on buying G Plan furniture. Display models will vary from store to store, be sure to contact the store prior to visiting to view a specific sofa to avoid disappointment. For information on your nearest store please visit our Store Locator.

We also have a G Plan showroom in Harrington Mills, Nottinghamshire. At the showroom, we showcase several different ranges and these are updated regularly. Be sure to contact our Showroom Consultant (contact details at the bottom of this page) prior to visiting to ensure we have the range you are interested in viewing on display to avoid disappointment.

A note to recruitment agencies

Sofa Brands International Ltd and its subsidiaries operate a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for recruitment agencies which is reviewed periodically.

We do not accept unsolicited CVs from agencies who are not part of our current PSL.

Receipt of unsolicited CVs does not imply an introduction to the business and will be considered property of the group, therefore no ownership of such candidates will be given. We retain the right to pursue and hire such speculative candidates without any obligation to any third-party terms and conditions, even when these are submitted with the CV. We will not pay any agency fees associated with unsolicited third-party applications.

Should you wish to be considered as a supplier in the future or feel you have a niche skill set you can help with, then please send some company information to Naturally we receive a lot of calls and interest from agencies and as such we will only be in contact should we wish to discuss further. Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to all of you.