Whilst every effort is made to ensure consistency of pattern and colour in our range of fabrics and leathers, variations may sometimes occur. With this in mind, to see the full pattern designs on your preferred fabrics and leathers, please visit your local G Plan retailer or order a selection of your favourite swatches.

Chenille Fabrics

Chenille fabrics are woven using a Chenille Yarn. Chenille yarns consist of several strands of thread twisted together with short fibres running crossways trapped between them. It’s these short fibres that create the pile effect. Chenille yarns are often used to create an uneven, random effect with a soft surface texture. Shading may occur across the piece due to the pile running in different directions. For example, one arm may appear darker than the other.

Chenille fabrics have more yarn joins which appear on the surface and are a natural characteristic rather than a fault. As Chenille fabrics may change appearance after use it is possible to restore the pile to its original position by brushing the fabric regularly with a soft brush.

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Velvet-Style Fabrics

All velvet like fabrics have a distinctive crushed look which is part of their natural beauty.  With time, the angle of the pile will alter, which may result in areas of the pile appearing lighter or darker in shade. For example, one arm may appear darker than the other.

A light steaming or gentle brushing in the direction of the pile will be beneficial and reduce pressure marking.   Avoid heavy or hard brushing as this may damage the fabric.

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Aquaclean Fabrics

Aquaclean® is a revolutionary stain release technology. A protective treatment has been incorporated into every fibre of the fabric with an invisible molecular layer, acting as a cleaning facilitator.

As a result, it simplifies the cleaning process and enables the majority of household stains to be removed with just water. 

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All our G Plan leathers are made from cattle hides and are 100% top grain. A hide becomes leather when it is tanned, meaning various grades and finishes are available to choose from. Leather is a natural product and therefore colours may vary from those in the swatch.

After a few weeks use, leather will begin to ‘stretch’ and ‘give’ forming a natural ‘sat-in’ look inherent with leather upholstered furniture. We have included a few of our Leather Ranges below, For more information on caring for our leather, please visit our Care Guide.

Cambridge – L Grade: The finish provides good light fastness, durability and stain resistance.  This leather is easily cleaned and features a uniform colour.

Genesis – N Grade: Genesis is a top quality Semi Aniline leather which will gain character over time. Most scuffs and scratches will appear and fade during use. Some colour variations may also occur due to the tendency of the leather to accept dyes differently in specific areas. Every hide is unique and will exhibit colour fluctuations.

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