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Snuggler or Armchair – Which is Best for Your Home this Valentine’s?

Roses are red, violets are blue – let’s find the best G Plan Armchair or Snuggler for you!

Valentine’s Day is gracing us with its presence once again; whether you’ve been struck by Cupid’s bow this year or are riding solo, you can always rely on the comfort of your G Plan furniture!

If you’re hosting a Galentine’s night, having a quiet evening at home with your partner, or simply having a self-care evening to yourself, you may be thinking about how much hosting space you have in your living room. Of course, a G Plan Sofa will always fit the bill when it comes to having people around – there’s ample space on our 2 Seater and 3 Seater Sofas for everyone to have a comfortable seat. But if you’re searching for something a little cosier and more intimate, a G Plan Armchair or Snuggler might just tick all your boxes.

A Cosy Seat for 1

A G Plan Armchair is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. Designed to offer a luxury lounging experience, our Armchairs will perfectly complete your living room setup. A G Plan Armchair would also be a lovely addition to sleeping spaces and kitchens alike. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in your own company this year, one of our Armchairs will provide all the comforting love you need.

What can a G Plan Armchair offer you?
  • Deeply padded arms and unquestionable comfort.
  • Cocooning back and seat cushions.
  • Available in a range of designs to suit your style.
  • Manual or Power options for elevated relaxation.
  • Soothing Headrest & Lumbar support on select models.

You deserve to treat yourself; curl up with a glass of something special in a G Plan Armchair this Valentine’s and have some time to yourself!

Riley Armchair in Rush Claret.

The Perfect Seat for 2

If you’re searching for a spot to huddle up with a loved one this Valentine’s, look no further than a G Plan Snuggler. Otherwise known as a Cuddle Chair or Love Seat (how apt for the most romantic time of year!), a Snuggler is a generous 1.5 Seater chair, meaning 2 people can cosy onto this chair with no problem at all.

What can a G Plan Snuggler offer you?
  • An inviting space to unwind.
  • A very versatile piece of furniture.
  • Ideal for any living space.
  • Deeply filled cushions.
  • Comforting Power Footrest options.
  • Choose from a selection of amazing models.

Pop on your favourite film this Valentine’s Day, grab a yummy sweet treat, and nestle into a G Plan Snuggler – take up the whole space yourself or welcome someone to join you, the choice is completely yours!

Hatton Snuggler in Rush Claret.

What Kind of Comfort Are You Looking for?

We understand that homes come in all different shapes and sizes; as individuals, we all have contrasting comfort and support needs too. Of course, a G Plan Snuggler or Armchair isn’t just for Valentine’s Day – depending on which you feel is best for your home, this is a piece of furniture you will more than like use every day, so you need to make sure it’s serving your needs in the best way possible.

Are you looking for something neat and compact?

If your living spaces are on the petite side, we have a wonderful range of Compact Armchairs that are designed to fit nicely into smaller rooms. Derived from our Classics Collection, our range of smaller Armchairs are crafted with iconic G Plan design and comfort; they may be on the smaller side, but they are still mighty!

Our Small Chloe Armchair is perfect for smaller living spaces; this model is also available with Power or Manual Recliner options, meaning you can tailor Chloe’s comfort to suit your own needs. If you’re choosing to spend Valentine’s at home this year, an Armchair or two from our Compact range will create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere, by offering complete relaxation and support.

What about something a little larger?

Do you have more room to play with? Our Ellis Armchair offers an idyllic lounging experience. Ellis embodies a modern timeless style and includes the option of adding Power or Manual Recliner features; Headrest & Lumbar support is also available on Power units.

Or, if you are looking to curl up with a loved one this romantic season, our Hatton Snuggler offers gentle curves and easy-going comfort. Available with a Power Footrest option, you can sit back in pure bliss on Hatton this Valentine’s Day. However, Power Footrest functionality can only be operated whilst one person is seated, so go on, take an indulgent moment for yourself!

Ellis Power Recliner Armchair with Headrest & Lumbar in Mamas Cloud and 3 Seater Double Power Recliner Sofa in Ultima Mist.

How about something with a bit of vintage flair?  

Make a statement this Valentine’s Day with an Armchair from our Vintage Collection. Inspired by designs from G Plan’s retro vault, members of our Vintage range offer chic style and undeniable comfort. Each model brings with it a fun and nostalgic character, meaning plenty of personality will fill your living space.

The Seventy One is available in both Armchair or Snuggler form, meaning you are spoilt for choice on this incredibly attractive model! Offering laid-back proportions and deep sumptuous seats, The Seventy One comes with an eye-catching American Walnut wooden trim as standard; it also has the option of including a concealed USB charging port, creating a modern twist on a vintage design classic. Scroll and relax to your heart’s content this Valentine’s Day, without worrying about your phone’s battery running low.

If you have a mid-century style in mind but would like to personalise it to your home décor, why not take a look at our Stamford Snuggler from the Jay Blades X G Plan collection? The immaculate tailoring and considered cushion details of this Snuggler emit a calm and tranquil energy, perfect for a peaceful Valentine’s Day. The Stamford Snuggler’s upholstery is completely customisable; choose between an All-Over Fabric or Leather cover, or opt for something a little different – a Two Fabric Story cover. Pick from an opulent selection of accent fabrics and beautiful plain fabrics, to create an upholstery combination that perfectly embodies your design style. Stamford is a very striking model to welcome into your home this Valentine’s, but one you’ll instantly fall in love with and never want to leave.

Stamford Snuggler in Manhattan Ink and Large Sofa in Tweed Denim & Boreal Lapis Two Fabric Story. 

Ultimate Relaxation When It’s Most Needed

If you still can’t decide whether a G Plan Armchair or Snuggler will best suit your home, let us explore additional comfort options a little further!

If you’re looking for a G Plan Armchair that offers you more support, our Ledbury Power Recliner Armchair with Headrest & Lumbar will be your perfect match this Valentine’s Day. Of course, this is only a seat for one person, but you can alleviate stress at the simple press of a button. Headrest & Lumbar functionality increases comfort whilst seated by relieving pressure and strain from your neck and back muscles; with this in mind, our Ledbury Armchair is just waiting to welcome you this Valentine’s.

Take a load off on the Morley Swivel Chair and cheerfully rotate in style this Valentine’s. The Morley Swivel Chair is a very versatile piece of furniture, allowing you to swivel and spin whenever required; this is most definitely a G Plan Armchair with a difference and will create a wonderful talking point within your home.

Our Riley Snuggler has the option of including Power or Manual Recliner features, allowing you to recline in serenity this Valentine’s Day. If you so wished, you could create a living room setup that includes both a Riley Armchair and Snuggler, so that there are no arguments over who has the more comfortable chair; this is a perfect configuration if you are hosting a night with friends this Valentine’s, meaning everyone gets to enjoy the comfort of a G Plan Snuggler or Armchair.

Ledbury Power Recliner Armchair with Headrest & Lumbar in Aaron Plain Autumn.

Which Armchair or Snuggler has Stolen Your Heart?

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing between a G Plan Armchair or a Snuggler. If you still can’t decide which you’d like to take home with you, why not visit your nearest G Plan retailer? You’ll be able to give each model that all-important ‘sit test’, to see which Snuggler or Armchair your heart really belongs to this Valentine’s!

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