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How to Make Your Home a Haven of Wellbeing

April 2024 is National Stress Awareness Month. With this in mind we have put together some tips on how you can create a relaxing space at home. A place where you can sit back and let the daily stresses and struggles of life melt away. Our homes are a place to return to after a long day, a sanctuary where we can get comfortable and truly be ourselves.

Relaxing Scents

Candles can help to improve your mood, reduce stress and create a relaxing atmosphere by providing a calming scent. Candles are affordable, accessible and an easy choice when setting up a relaxing living room. Whether you prefer candles, wax melts or reed diffusers there are plenty of options to fill your home with relaxing scents. Here are just a couple of our favourites:

This Scents of the Wild botanical candle is perfect to help you relax and unwind. A blend of pure essential oils, including Lavender and Patchouli are perfect for helping you relax in the evenings and prepare for a restful nights sleep.

Relax and Unwind botanical candle jar flat lay with dried lavender.jpgImage: Scents of the wild

These Anti-Anxiety Wax Melts from Willow Scent are also a great choice to help clear you mind and soften your body. Made with pure essential oils to help melt your stresses away.

Image: Willow Scent

Letting the outdoors in

We all know plants have many beneficial properties, but did you know they can help you relax? A wide variety of indoor plants have many benefits from purifying the air to promoting relaxation, to emitting a distinctive aroma which can soothe you to sleep.

Check out our post exploring easy to care for house plants – bringing a touch of nature indoors is scientifically proven to improve our health and wellbeing.

Organise away the chaos.

If you want your living room to be a relaxing space, you may want to start by decluttering any excess items from around your room. A messy or cluttered area can create visual tension and produce feelings of chaos and disorderliness. Storage Footstools can be a great way to hide away any unused items but still keeping them within easy reach. Our Harper Footstool is a great option with a discreet storage compartment to tuck away any magazines, blankets or any other items that disturb your space’s tranquility. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, why not check out our Hurst Sofa which includes a centre storage area, perfect for all your little knick-knacks.

Images: G Plan Upholstery

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