With our range of G Plan Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs, ultimate comfort and support are never more than the touch of a button away.

You can use the ergonomic handset to control the backrest and footrest, alongside raising your Elevate Lift & Rise Chair up and down. When you find your most comfortable position, you can store it using the memory function and return your chair to that exact position any time you want, just by pressing the memory button. All buttons are recessed to avoid accidental use and the handset can be easily used by either hand.

Our Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs are designed to assist people with arthritis, rheumatism, and other disabilities to aid comfort and support. If you would like to take a seat and test an Elevate Lift & Rise Chair out for yourself, please visit your nearest G Plan retailer.


A Dual Elevate Chair with LHF Pocket as standard.

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A Small or Large Dual Elevate Chair with Double Pocket.

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A Small or Large Dual Elevate Chair with a RHF or LHF Pocket.

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A Dual Elevate Chair with a choice of RHF or LHF Pocket.

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A Small or Standard Dual Elevate Chair.

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A Small or Large Dual Elevate Chair with Double Pocket as standard.

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A Dual Elevate Chair with Double Pocket as standard.

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A Small or Standard Dual Elevate Chair.

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A Small or Large Dual Elevate Chair with Double Pocket as standard.

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A Small or Large Dual Elevate Chair with Double Pocket as standard.

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How Elevate Chairs work

All Elevate Lift & Rise chairs come with our innovative Power Assist Technology™ with dual motors which operate the back and the footrest independently. With ergonomically designed handsets and the smooth operation of G Plan’s recliners, complete comfort is in your hands.

Designed and built in the UK

The entire Elevate range is manufactured to exacting standards in the UK. With a proud tradition of high-quality craftsmanship, all Elevate chairs are both reliable and durable, with a quiet and smooth mechanism.

How to Operate Your Elevate Lift & Rise Chair

All Elevate chairs are fitted with castors. Once the chair starts to rise, the front castors are automatically immobilised. Our Elevate chairs require space to recline. Please allow 445mm/17.5″ clearance at the back of the recliner when sitting in the dual-motor Elevate chair to allow the mechanism to go into the full recline position. Measurements can be found on product postcards.


Elevate Lift & Rise Chair FAQs

What is a Dual Elevate Lift & Rise Chair?

A Dual Elevate Chair, otherwise known as a dual motor chair, rise and recliner, tilt and lift or Lift & Rise chair, operates on a dual motor mechanism. One motor controls the backrest and footrest, whilst the other adjusts the seating position. Dual Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs also feature a memory functionality, so that you can store your most comfortable seating position at the touch of a button.

What’s the difference between a Small and Large Elevate Chair?

Each model offers different proportions, to cater for the size of your home and mobility needs. For example, a Kingsbury Small Dual Elevate Chair is 110cm high x 90cm wide, whilst a Kingsbury Large Dual Elevate Chair is 114cm high x 95cm wide. All dimensions feature on our Elevate Lift & Rise Chair model specifications, so make sure you read these carefully before measuring a space.

What’s the different between a Lift & Rise Chair and a Recliner Armchair?

Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs operate powered dual motors at the same time, to adjust your seating and height position. Recliner Armchairs operate differently, using manual or power mechanisms to adjust the footrest or back support at separate intervals. Headrest & Lumbar support is available on Power Recliner Armchairs.

I have a different remote to the one pictured – How can I find my Handset Guide?

The handset featured above is our newest Elevate Lift & Rise controller. If you have an older model, please refer to page 38 of our Care Guide for further information on how to operate older handset designs.

Can I decide what side the handset pocket sits on?

Yes, you can! Some of our Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs come with a Right Hand Facing (RHF) pocket, Left Hand Facing (LHF) pocket or Double pockets as standard. When ordering your preferred Elevate Lift & Rise Chair, you can specify which side you’d like the pocket to feature on. We recommend opting for the side of your dominant hand, for ease of use.

Can I order fabric swatches for an Elevate Lift & Rise Chair?

Absolutely, you can order up to 8 fabric and leather swatches for free! Click here to have a browse and order your favourite samples today. Don’t forget, you can also pop along to your nearest G Plan retailer and have a look at our Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs in person.