Here at G Plan, we have a wide range of fabric and leather sofas for you to choose from. From cosy velvet-styles to classic leathers, customise a selection of 2 Seater Sofas, 3 Seater Sofas and many more models in your favourite G Plan fabric or leather. We source only the finest materials from mills and tanneries around the UK, ensuring your G Plan Sofa is crafted to the highest possible standard.

Discover the difference between our fabric and leather grades, whilst understanding how some fabrics can differ in variances. Why not take a look at our selection of fabric and leather Armchairs and Footstools too? You can also order a selection of your favourite fabric and leather swatches whilst you’re here!

Velvet-Style Fabrics

Velvet-Style fabrics are exceptionally plush to touch. Add a sense of subtle luxury to your home, with our range of cosy velvet-style fabrics. Choose from pastel blues, earthy yellows and vibrant greens.

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Chenille Fabrics

Chenille fabrics are incredibly soft and fluffy, with a slightly raised texture. Designed to be silky smooth and a treat to sit on, our chenille fabrics come in a range of soothing tones.

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Aquaclean Fabrics

There's no point crying over spilt milk. Aquaclean fabrics are perfect for any household. Make your sofa easy to clean and stain resistant, with one of these beautifully coloured worry-free fabrics.

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Accent Fabrics

Available in a range of bright, bold and playful patterns, our accent fabrics will add character and colour to any room. From geometric patterns to floral prints, you’ll find something to suit your style.

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Leather Collection

Our leather range is beautifully supple and sumptuous to sink into. From our classic Cambridge leathers to the richly pigmented Genesis range, you can’t go wrong with one of our top grain leathers.

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Two Fabric Story

The Two Fabric Story is available throughout the Jay Blades X G Plan collection. Choose from bright, daring accent fabrics and rich, cosy velvet-styles to create a completely unique model cover.

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Fabric Variances

Whilst every effort is made to ensure consistency of pattern and colour in our materials, variations may occur. To see a full version of your preferred pattern, please visit your local G Plan retailer.

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Order Your Favourite Swatches

Can’t decided which fabric or leather you’d prefer? You can order up to 8 swatches for free!

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G Plan Fabric FAQs

What do the grades on the fabrics and leathers mean?

The grades featured on our fabrics and leathers dictate the price of material. For example a Grade W fabric is the cheapest, with a Grade C fabric being more expensive. It works the same for our Leather collection; a Grade H is the cheapest, whilst a Grade P is more expensive. For more information, please visit your nearest G Plan retailer.

Can I have an Accent Fabric on an Armchair?

Unfortunately we do not offer our core Accent Fabrics on Armchairs; they can only be used to cover our Footstools or Scatter Cushions. However, the Jay Blades X G Plan Accent Fabrics can be used for a Two Fabric Story. This allows you to personalise specific models within Jay Blades X G Plan range, using a selection of Accent or Plain fabrics to create a unique cover.

What is Contrast Stitching?

Contrast Stitching, otherwise known as Contrast Thread, is the option of having a differing thread colour to that of your selected Leather. For example on a Cambridge Chalk Sofa, you would have beige stitching; on a Cambridge Navy Sofa, you’d have dark grey stitching. This stitching option is available on our Kingsbury, Ellis, Harper and many more of our Leather Sofa models!

How to Care for Fabric & Leather Sofas

If you’re curious about how to keep your G Plan Sofa looking brand new, neat and tidy for years to come, have a flick through our Care Guide.

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