What is Aquaclean® Technology?

Aquaclean® is a revolutionary stain release technology. A protective treatment has been incorporated into every fibre of the fabric with an invisible molecular layer, acting as a cleaning facilitator.

As a result, it simplifies the cleaning process and enables the majority of household stains to be removed with just water.

So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new sofa with added peace of mind.

Water Cleaning in 3 Simple Steps


Remove any excess residue on the upholstery.


Apply a small amount of water over the stain, either directly or using a damp cloth. Wait a few seconds.


Press down over the stain with a damp cloth and rub gently over the fabric using circular movements.


If the stain does not come off completely, repeat the process as required.

Committed to caring for you and the planet

More Eco Friendly, Less Hazardous

All Aquaclean® manufacturing materials are 100% eco-friendly and have been tested for hazardous substances, making them guaranteed to be harmless to humans and the environment.

Tested to Protect Your Health and the Environment

Aquaclean® does not use any PFCs, as these substances have possible harmful effects on the environment and human health.

Fire Retardant Technology

Aquaclean® incorporates new Fire Retardant Technology in the fibres of the fabric, making it inherently fire retardant. This technology means no chemicals are added to the back of the fabric, giving you and you family added peace of mind.

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