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Peachy Keen: How to Decorate with Pantone’s Peach Fuzz

Towards the end of 2023, Peach Fuzz was announced as Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024. The colour experts at the Pantone Colour Institute have been setting the tone (pardon the pun) of beautiful hues for the year ahead since 1999. 2024 welcomes an organic, warming colour and we’re sure Peach Fuzz will be nestling itself into many homes across the globe.

The refreshing, light pastel orange brings with it a sense of warm summer sunsets and fresh floral blooms; why wouldn’t you want to embrace this tone within your home? As it is a relatively neutral colour, Peach Fuzz will be easy enough to decorate with; this doesn’t mean everything in your home has to be peachy. Instead, you can simply dot some nods to Peach Fuzz around your living spaces, and thus gently embrace this soft and elegant colour.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use this peachy keen tone within your home, here’s how we would decorate with Pantone’s Peach Fuzz.

Images: Pinterest

Mellow Fabrics

Soft furnishings and fabrics are an excellent way to decorate with Peach Fuzz; this can be achieved through Scatter Cushions, blankets, Footstools and rugs. We’ve had a look at our range of fabrics and leathers and have selected those that would best match Peach Fuzz.

  • Tweed Salmon: A peachy-speckled fabric from the Jay Blades X G Plan collection that echoes the warm tones of Peach Fuzz perfectly.
  • Pyramid Flame: A fresh accent fabric that encapsulates Peach Fuzz; full of pastel pink and orange tones, this pattern will blend effortlessly with Pantone’s 2024 Colour of the Year.
  • Oxford Light Grey: A gorgeous grey tone, this supple leather will match the organic hue of Peach Fuzz and bring a colder shade to balance the warmth.
  • Stingray Linen: An invitingly soft beige chenille fabric that’ll sit nicely with highlights of Peach Fuzz.
  • Cambridge Earth: A rich brown leather that’ll bring a sense of decadence when paired with Peach Fuzz accents.

If any of these fabulous fabrics or leathers take your fancy, you can order a selection of free samples by clicking here.

Image: Seattle 3 Seater Sofa with Show Wood Feet in Oxford Light Grey & Stratford Storage Footstool in Pyramid Flame.

Fruity Florals

Dotting beautiful orange pastel florals around your home is a lovely simple way to add flourishes of Peach Fuzz into living spaces. We love these Faux Kiki Flowers in Orange from Contempee; dried flowers last for approximately 3 years if they are cared for properly, so will act as a peachy gift that keeps on giving! Placing these beautiful dried stems in the Aria Glass Vase in Matt Black, also from Contempee, enhances the gorgeous peachy colour and will look incredibly elegant in a neutrally toned home.

Images: Contempee

If you’re looking for a fancy fresh bunch instead, take a look at the Peach Dream bouquet from Arena Flowers. This selection of flowers includes delicious apricot tones and vibrant whites, emitting a crisp and soothing feeling that reflects Peach Fuzz beautifully. Pop these blooms in a clear glass vase to enhance a fresh atmosphere.

Images: Arena Flowers

Perfectly Pastel Ornaments

Decorating with smaller Peach Fuzz-toned ornaments is a wonderful way of incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024 into your living spaces. Trinkets are often an inexpensive way of updating your home décor, being able to mix and match what you display, whilst expressing your personality through decoration.

The Jess Webb Bud Vases in Blush Pink from The Small Home are a gentle nod towards Peach Fuzz. Delicate and individual in shape, these are great accessories to add to bookshelves and mantelpieces alike. These little containers are full of personality and will add a pop of graceful peachy pink to living spaces.

A selection of peachy books with gold glints will also blend perfectly into your Peach Fuzz mix. Books are a lovely way of including alternative decoration within your home; you can also easily match book covers to your home’s colour palette, rearranging them as and when you please. Simply place a medley of pastel pink and orange books on your coffee table, alongside these peach-infused hand-carved Starry Night Round Marble coasters from Anthropology and your Peach Fuzz setup will be perfectly underway!

Images: The Small Home / Etsy / Anthropology

Juicy Furniture & Paint Choices

Thinking about decorating with larger elements of Peach Fuzz? Similarly coloured furniture is an excellent way of incorporating more of this warm orange tone into your home!

We adore the Harstad Sideboard in Peach from Wayfair. The salmon-pink colour creates a delicate air to this industrially shaped sideboard; it would fit perfectly into a home with a mid-century modern theme. This Peach Fuzz-inspired sideboard will allow you to keep living spaces neat and tidy, whilst offering a very eye-catching aesthetic.

If you’re heavily influenced by Peach Fuzz and would like to paint a few walls – after all, it is the start of a New Year, so it’s time to get the paint brushes out! – we think Persipan from Coat is a beautiful dusty peach colour. This rich earthy colour will add a world of depth to any room in your home; it flourishes when paired with other peachy-pink tones.


Images: Wayfair / Coat

Playful Peachy Prints

You can also inject a lot of personality into your home by hanging Peach Fuzz-inspired prints and artwork. Why not create a playful gallery wall with a collection of pastel pink and orange artworks you find whilst out on your travels?

The Pancake Breakfast Poster from H&M instantly caught our eye; it emits a lovely retro theme and uses tones similar to Peach Fuzz perfectly. If you want to be on the nose, an illustrated peach print is the perfect way to incorporate some Peach Fuzz decoration into your home.

A selection of prints will look incredible in any room, but as there seems to be a food theme going on here, we suggest hanging a collection of tasty peach-inspired prints in your kitchen or dining room, which will pay a wonderful homage to Peach Fuzz!

Peach Print Aesthetic Room Decor Bedroom Wall Art Peach Decor Aesthetic Poster Fruit Market Poster Peaches Printable Art image 2

Images: H&M / Etsy

A Peach Perfect Home

Isn’t Peach Fuzz a wonderful colour to play around with? This velvety and tender tone can easily be applied to your current home décor colour palette through delicate ornaments or larger furniture items if you so prefer. Peach Fuzz brings with it a fresh atmosphere for 2024; one that reminds us that warmer days are just around the corner. We’d love to see how you style your G Plan furniture with Peach Fuzz; tag us in your photos on Instagram by using the handle @gplandesign.

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