Aqua Clean fabrics

You can now order your G Plan sofa in an Aqua Clean fabric. There is no need to worry about everyday stains and accidents, they can all be removed with just water. This Worry Free fabric range means that you don’t have to worry!

Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary protector which covers every fibre of the fabric with an invisible molecular layer, enabling the majority of household stains to be removed with just water. This provides you with simple fabric care so you can relax and enjoy your sofa.


The Aqua Clean technology in our fabric means that pens, felt tips and markers can be removed easily with just water, so there is no need to worry about children drawing on the sofa.


Worry Free Blog Image 1

For animal lovers, Aqua Cleean fabric on your G Plan sofa means that you no longer need to worry about muddy boots and paws on your sofa as it can easily be removed too.


Aqua Clean Three

You can even relax of an evening with a glass of wine without worrying about spilling it over your sofa, as the Worry Free Aqua Clean fabric means that this can easily be removed with just water, without the use of cleaning products.


Aqua Clean Blog Wine

There is no need to compromise on style! Here are a few of our Aqua Clean fabrics that you could choose to have on your sofa.


Aqua Clean Swatches

So sit back and relax, no more worries.


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