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Egg-cellent Easter Styling for 2023

It may seem like Christmas was only yesterday, but somehow, we’re already a quarter of the way through 2023! Easter is upon us, which means it’s time to fill our homes with the delicious smell of hot cross buns, lay our tables for a yummy roast dinner and eat more chocolate than we care to think about.

This time of year is always very joyous, bringing out a playful side in all of us. Afterall, who doesn’t love to take part in a treasure hunt to find chocolate?! We’ve put together some simple Easter styling tips, allowing you to envelop your home in bright blooms and pretty pastels, reflecting the changing of the seasons.

Wonderfully Wild

This is an excellent time of to explore the great outdoors. Beautiful buds are blooming, birds are chirping, and the warm sunshine is starting to make an appearance once again. Spring walks are a great way to get the whole family outside, plus it’s a cheap and cheerful way to decorate your home for Easter.

Collect beautiful bunches of wildflowers, whilst out on a family adventure. This time of year, you’ll find an abundance glowing daffodils, gleaming grasses and pink cherry blossoms blooming all over the place. Pick enough flowers to create a delicate spring flower bouquet, leaving the rest untouched for other walkers to enjoy. Simply fill a decorative glass vase with water and add your handpicked blooms to the pride and place of your Easter table.

House plants are also a wonderful way to add splashes of colour to your home, this Easter. Hanging plants can be situated on shelves, or beautiful potted plants can occupy sunny corners, adding vibrant greens and organic tones to any room.

Extra Egg-cellent Eggs

A tradition of days-gone-by, yet one that families still firmly adopt at Easter time – painting eggshells is an easy, inexpensive way of decorating your home this celebratory season. So, without further ado, it’s time to get cracking (but not literally…).

All you’ll need is selection of eggs, a pin, a cocktail stick, two large bowls, washing-up liquid and some kitchen towel.

Pierce the eggs carefully, pushing the pin in at either end of the shell. At the base of the egg, try to make a hole big enough to fit the cocktail stick through. Push the cocktail stick into the egg to break the yolk, twisting it a few times, followed by removing it.

Hold the egg over one of the bowls, with the larger hole pointing downwards. Blow softly into the smaller hole at the top of the egg, to slowly push the egg white and yolk out of the shell. Gently place the empty shells into the second bowl, filling it with warm water and washing-up liquid to clean the shells. Drain any excess water out of the shells and leave them to dry on kitchen towel.

Once dry, it’s time to decorate. We recommend using acrylic paints to paint your shells, as these will give a thicker coverage. Experiment with delicate patterns and floral designs, to elevate the sense of Easter and blooming blossoms around you. This is a great activity to complete with little ones over the Easter holidays, or even with friends over a glass of wine.

Peaceful Pastels

Biophilic design has been a huge design trend this year; taking inspiration from the outside world and bringing it into our homes. Nature is starting to change from drab greens and browns of winter, into bright and bold blues, greens and pinks of seasons ahead. With this in mind, bringing pretty pastel colours into our homes can make our living spaces feel light and airy.

You may have already been inspired by our spring styling tips, but now is the perfect time of year to make our homes feel fresh and renewed. Pastel colours are often associated with being calm and peaceful, bringing a sense of serenity to your home. Our favourite G Plan pastel-coloured fabrics include: Plush Airforce, Notting Hill Rose and Combarro Chestnut.

A great way to add splashes of pastel colours to your home, is by using them within your Easter table display. Gentle blue, pink and yellow tones will amplify any table setting, allowing a delicate feminine touch, whilst being universally charming. Finish off your table decoration with your beautifully painted eggshells, giving your Easter Sunday guests a feast for their eyes, as well as their tummies.

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