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2023 Interior Design Trends to Make Note of

2023 is finally upon us, and with it brings the opportunity to refresh our living spaces and fall back in love with our homes. Here at G Plan, we’ve done our research on this year’s up and coming interior design trends, to provide you with that all important inspiration when it comes to styling your home for the new year.

Bold colours are in

The 2010s saw the rise of grey and moody interiors, a style choice that many people adopted in their homes. However, 2023 is all about letting in bright, bold colours to rejuvenise living spaces. Pantone announced their Colour of the Year 2023 as Viva Magenta, a vivid statement colour that is sure to liven up any interior.

It’s time to ditch the grey and mustard combo and replace it with something a bit more vibrant. Although Viva Magenta may be the Colour of the Year, our personal favourite swatch at G Plan is Plush Mallard. A bold and beautiful statement colour that will shine in any living room.

Biophilic design

Possibly the biggest interior design trend to occur in 2023, biophilic design looks to incorporate nature into our homes. As humans, we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, so biophilic design is extremely beneficial when it comes to healthy living; integrating more plant-based materials and element-inspired details into your home has been proven to create a more calming space and reduce stress.

Biophilic design focuses on connection with nature, improving wellbeing, productivity and health. Using more natural tones, materials, light and vegetation could provide a better impact on your everyday life.

Waves and curves

Organic shapes are taking 2023 by storm, linking heavily to biophilic design. Reflecting the great outdoors, adding curves and natural materials into your design choices will create a more relaxed and welcoming feel. Many are altering their homes to incorporate sweeping arches, and choosing furniture that includes softer curves, adding differing dimensions to a space.

Adding a touch of vintage nostalgia to a home environment, curved graphics are also being heavily used on wallpaper and flooring fabrics. G Plan’s Scatter Cushions and Footstools are a great way to incorporate flares of curves and waves into your home environment. Domed floor lamps are also seeing a revival and can be prominent feature pieces in any room, no matter how big or small.

Vintage and handcrafted furniture

Adding character and a sense of nostalgia to living spaces, vintage and handcrafted furniture is making a huge comeback in 2023. Vintage furniture is full of character, stylish and of course, timeless (if we do say so ourselves). People are making more sustainable choices when it comes to furnishing homes now, choosing to buy second-hand pieces, as apposed too new. Vintage décor also adds a sense of elegance and reminiscence to any space, providing a window into times gone by, whilst being given a new lease of life.

We’re thinking Mad Men meets G Plan. It may not be vintage as such, however, The Seventy One is a wonderful answer to hitting the timeless design and handcrafted movement taking place at the moment. Inspired by classic sofa shapes of a bygone era, G Plan’s The Seventy One would be a stylish, ageless addition to any home, whilst adding a sense of sophistication and refinement in a modern space.


Warm, neutral tones

Bold colours may be in, but so are neutral tones. Allowing brighter colours to pop, warm, organic shades bring a sense of calm amongst the chaos. Terracotta and stone hues are pipped to be the favourites, contrasting nicely with daring colours, such as Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta.

These more organic tones allow a deeper connection between our homes and the natural world, again tying in with the biophilic design movement currently taking place. They provide rustic, earthen shades and textures; colours such as burnt oranges and deep reddish browns will bring in a sense of warmth to any space. Our Combarro Ochre, Cambridge Sand and Plush Vine swatches echo natural-world tones, whilst harping back to a vintage colour palette at the same time; you can view all our neutral toned fabrics online and order swatches here.

Layered lighting

The big overhead light is no longer popular – there, we’ve said it. Every home of course needs lighting, however it is possibly the most complex element of interior design, as it is the driving point of how a space really feels. 2023 will see people ditching switching on the main light and instead, turn towards warmer-looking fixtures and lamps, adding far more character to a room. Oppressive overhead lighting can create intense, stressful environments, leading many people to play with perspective and create fun, relaxed lighting for rooms with free standing illumination.

Statement floor and table lamps add more gravitas to a space, allowing it to become more engaging. Free standing lamps can also be more freely moved around, affecting the overall atmosphere and ambience, making an area feel completely new. Add a gorgeous glow to your living space by layering different types of lighting, play around with the mood and feel, whilst creating a practical yet stylish room.

So, to sum up, 2023 interior design style is all about organic shapes, tones and materials. Our buying habits look to turn towards sourcing second hand and nostalgic furniture pieces, or at least being heavily inspired by vintage design. Ditch the main overhead light, in favour of more maneuverable, warm hued free-standing lighting and, we will continue to bring the outside indoors and be largely influenced by the natural world – however, the question is, how will you bring these design elements into your home?


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