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How to Use Neutral Tones in Your Home

Nature is a great place to look for interior inspiration – natural, neutral colours bring a calming influence into your home, making any room feel tranquil and serene. Spring is the perfect time to incorporate these pared-back tones into your home, bringing a fresh approach to your styling.


Choosing a neutral toned sofa is the perfect base to a room, allowing you to really start experimenting with colour throughout a space. Many interior designers use neutral colours to great effect, by contrasting them with deeper, richer wall colours. Our favourite G Plan neutral fabrics are Cambridge Stone and Masca Camel; light and airy in colour, these fabrics are easy materials to pair with any room aesthetic.

Choosing your sofa fabric is the perfect way to establish what kind of colour palette you want to run with. From this, you can easily change your wall colour, so if you do want change your palette, you won’t be constrained by the colour of your sofa.

Scatter cushions

Scatter cushions and throws are a great way to incorporate organic tones into a room. They can easily create a calm feeling and add interest, whilst bringing a natural feel-good factor into a room.

The use of these soft furnishings can also create a focal point within the room, adding the ultimate cosy place to curl up in the evening, when all you want to do is sit down and relax with a cup of tea.


Choosing soft, natural fibres such as wools and linens, to contrast against textures like marble, warm cork or basket-weave will help you add depth to any room. For a simple way of mixing your textures, try introducing some rustic wicker baskets for storage, against the smooth backdrop of a white wall. Simple, but effective.

With cool greys and fresh neutrals dominating the interior colour palettes, it’s important to break up this softness by introducing different textures. Rattan is a wood-weave design used for furniture and echoes a Scandi style which is still extremely popular this season.


Using accessories, like textured ceramics, is an easy way to incorporate neutral tones into your home in an inexpensive way. Ceramics have a wide range of uses from decorative pieces to vases, making them a perfect item to add to your home.

Houseplants have become increasingly popular over the past few years; there’s no better way to display them than in beautiful, neutral ceramic pots. Displaying ceramic artwork on walls will also create delicate, organic focal points within your living spaces.


Wood brings a natural look into your home and can be used in a variety of ways. Using a wooden light shade in a room can create a focal point, that will catch people’s eyes when they walk into the room.

Why not opt for a wooden headboard on your bed? Headboards are perfect for contrasting against a neutral colour scheme and with a large range of woods available to use, there is a shape and style of headboard for everyone.

Terracotta and Clay

Terracotta and clay tones in a kitchen are a simple way to bring a stylish look into your home, without using too much colour and overpowering the space.

These warm tones are a perfect contrast to neutral cabinets and worktops, as they create a depth to the room which opens the space up. Earthy colours can work in any style of home from a sleek city apartment to a rustic country cottage.

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