Combining comfort with style, G Plan Chairs have been the focal point of living rooms for decades. Built to last and expertly crafted, G Plan Chairs offer cocooning comfort in times of joy and serene solace when things seem a little blue. Whether you want to curl up with a loved one on a roomy Snuggler, or sit with a book for hours on end in a restful Armchair, a G Plan Chair will fit perfectly into your living room scene.


Armchairs are often the favourite seat in the house. A tranquil place to relax and unwind, a G Plan Armchair is the perfect addition to any lounge.

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Snugglers, otherwise known as Loveseats or Cuddlers, are dreamy spaces to curl up on by yourself or with company. There really is nothing cosier than a G Plan Snuggler.

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Recliner Chairs

Recliner Armchairs and Snugglers are an excellent way to elevate your comfort. Also available as Power Footrest models, our Recliner Chairs offer ultimate relaxation.

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Ergo Chairs

Inspired by classic Scandinavian design, our range of Ergo Chairs, otherwise known as Ergonomic Chairs, offer unquestionable support and classic style.

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Swivel Chairs

Swivel the days away in an ultra comfy G Plan Swivel Chair. With matching Swivel Footstools available, Swivel Chairs are perfect for any room in the house.

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Elevate Chairs

Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs, otherwise known as Riser Recliners, are designed for comfort and support. Perfect for ease of movement, these chairs will give you a helping hand.

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Fabric & Leather Swatches

Order up to 8 of your favourite G Plan fabric and leather swatches for free!

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G Plan Chair FAQs

What is the best G Plan Armchair?

When it comes to picking the best armchair, a good starting point is considering your lifestyle. Will the Armchair be used as an extra seat, or more of an accent chair? Armchairs and Swivel Chairs are perfect options for smaller living spaces, whilst Snugglers are better for roomier environments. Elevate Lift and Rise Chairs offer more support and wonderfully aid mobility, whilst classic Armchairs are crowd pleasers.

What’s the difference between a Snuggler and an Armchair?

A Snuggler or Loveseat is essentially an Armchair, but are a little wider and therefore take up a bit more room. For example the Riley Snuggler is 118cm wide, whilst the Riley Armchair is 103cm wide. Typically a Snuggler will offer 1.5 seats, opposed to an Armchair’s 1 seat. A Snuggler will match perfectly with a 3 Seater Sofa if you have a little more room to play with, whilst an Armchair will easily fit into any living room setup.

How do Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs work?

All G Plan Elevate Lift & Rise Chairs come with innovative Power Assist Technology™. This includes a dual motor, which operates the backrest and footrest independently, whilst being able to adjust the height of your Elevate chair. With ergonomically designed handsets, you can store your most comfortable position using the memory function. All buttons are recessed to avoid accidental use and can easily be used by either hand.

What is a Recliner Chair?

Recliner Chairs work through the raising of the front and lowering of the back. From Recliner Armchairs and Recliner Snugglers, to supportive Ergo Chairs and Power Footrest options, we have a Recliner Chair that will effortlessly upgrade your relaxation experience. With Power and Manual Recliner Chair options available, you can decide which model is best to help you unwind and take a load off.

What happens if I spill something on my Armchair? 

Don’t worry, there’s no point crying over spilt milk. You can find the best way to care for your fabric and leather G Plan furniture in our Care Guide. If you live in a spill-prone household, why not take a look at our range of Aquaclean fabrics. Aquaclean is a revolutionary stain release technology, meaning most household stains can be removed with just water. Order a selection of Aquaclean swatches and see for yourself!

What is the best G Plan Swivel Chair?

The Swivel Chair has always been a popular piece of furniture within a home. If you’re looking for something more classic, the Broadway Swivel Chair is for you and it easily glides due to a 5-star swivel base. However, the Arlo Swivel Chair is a more contemporary style and rotates 360°, but doesn’t glide across the floor.  Add something a little different to your lounge, with a super comfy G Plan Swivel Chair.

Jay Blades X G Plan

Master upholsterer Jay Blades has teamed up with G Plan, to create a collection that reimagines the way modern-day furniture can look and feel.

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