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Add a Touch of Pumpkin Spice to Your Home

Spooky season is here! However, we know you don’t necessarily want to turn your home into a haunted house. The 26th of October marks National Pumpkin Day and with this in mind, we’ve put together some ideas of how you can turn your home into the cutest pumpkin on the patch.

So, without further ado, grab a pumpkin spiced latte, hunker down and indulge yourself in our pumpkin-inspired styling.

Start with a bit of Burnt Orange

Let’s start with the basics; it’s time to add some pumpkin-inspired oranges into your home. Here at G Plan, we have a gorgeous variety of orange fabrics for you to choose from – our favourites being Combarro Chestnut, Mascra Ochre and Lake Autumn. Your can order a selection of pumpkin-esque G Plan swatches by clicking here. Add flashes of orange into your living spaces by using plump orange scatter cushions and chunky knit blankets. A little bit of burnt orange can go a long way; a beautifully autumnal colour, that’ll instantly transform your home into a cosy retreat.

Make it Cosy with Candles

You can never go wrong with candles, especially during the cosier latter half of the year. We absolutely adore the scent of pumpkin spices candles; a rich, velvety aroma that’ll fill your home with the fragrance of autumn.

If you’re looking for a wholesome activity to complete at home, why not have a go at making your own pumpkin spice candle? Selfmade offer a deliciously scented candle making kit, which is a great way to while away the hours on a chilly autumnal day. If you’d prefer something slightly different to pumpkin spice, but still just as cosily scented, Selfmade also have the option of Chai or Ginger candle making kits.

Image: Selfmade

If you’re more inclined to wax melts or scented oils instead, a pumpkin shaped wax melt burner would suit your home perfectly. Wax melt burners also allow you to change up the scent of your home more easily, swapping out melts as you please.

Image: Etsy

Include some Plush Decorations

Plush pumpkin decorations are an excellent way of adding a touch of pumpkin style to your home. Cute, soft and squishy, these delicate decorations will allow you to create a snuggly pumpkin patch within the comfort of your home.

Whether crocheted, felted or velvet-style, a variety of plush pumpkin decorations won’t go a miss in your home this autumn. Nestle these sweet ornaments on console tables, open shelving or even create larger pumpkin patches on unused floor space.

Image: Etsy

Have a go at Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin carving is a very traditional pastime around Halloween. However, it can sometimes be very laborious and messy! No one really knows what to do with the insides of pumpkins either.

So, instead of carving pumpkins this year, we recommend having a go at pumpkin painting. This is an inexpensive and almost therapeutic activity to complete by yourself, or with the whole family. Simply gather some paint brushes, stencils and paints of your choosing, draw out a design or get stuck straight into it.

Your painted pumpkin patterns can be as intricate or simple as you prefer. Creating a cluster of painted pumpkins is a beautiful way to decorate your home this fall. If you’d prefer to create decorations that have more longevity, you could also paint plastic or ceramic pumpkin ornaments, that can be brought out to decorate your home year after year.

Image: Pinterest

Spruce Up Your Dining Table

Another great way of introducing pumpkin decoration into your home is through your dining table setting. As well as Halloween creeping up on us, this time of year also marks the gathering of the harvest.

The autumnal months bring with them an abundance of comforting meals. The perfect way to elevate these hearty dinners is by bringing together all aforementioned pumpkin decorating tips. Begin by placing an orangey material runner at the centre of your table, decorating it with seasonal dried flowers and foliage.

Pop some gold burnished candle holders into this display, complete with fall scented tealights and pillar candles; compliment these gold details with similarly coloured cutlery, to create a comprehensive look. Orange napkins are also the perfect touch, alongside pumpkin shaped place name holders. Et voila! Your pumpkin-themed home styling is perfectly complete.

Image: Pinterest

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