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What Size Sofa Should I Buy?

Our homes come in all shapes and sizes. We all live different lifestyles and our day-to-days are completely unique, depending on routines and family life. However, one thing will always remain relatively consistent; the desire to sit back and relax at the end of the day, on an extremely comfy sofa.

Whether you’re thinking of buying a new sofa, upgrading a well-loved favourite or simply want to rearrange your living space, we want to help you consider what sized G Plan sofa is best for your home.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Before you start thinking about what style and size of G Plan sofa you wish to purchase, the best place to start is by measuring the space you’d like your new couch to go in. This is vital when buying a new sofa, or even rearranging a room, as you want to make sure your sofa fits perfectly where you envisage it going.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a new sofa, only to discover it doesn’t fit in your home and having to send it back. That’s not what you want at all. So, when you’re first considering what sofa size you should get, meticulously measure the space and make note of dimensions, so that they are on hand when you’re looking at specific G Plan sofa models.

If you’re unsure on how to measure up a space for a new G Plan sofa, take a look at our measuring guide. It’s just as important to consider doorway measurements, as well as staircases and hallways if required. It’s also worth having a think about how your sofa will be used and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will my new sofa seat enough people in my living room?
  2. Does my new sofa meet the needs of my lifestyle?
  3. How easily will my new sofa fit in my front room?
Small and Compact Sofas

If you live in a cosier environment, such as a flat, apartment or cottage setting, we recommend looking at our range of smaller, 2 Seater Sofas. These are designed with compact living spaces in mind, meaning your lounge won’t feel overcrowded or claustrophobic.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, our Chloe 2 Seater Sofa is perfect for small living environments, without compromising on any of the classic G Plan comfort. Chloe can even be configured to have Power Recliner options, if your living space allows for it, meaning you can have the ultimate relaxation experience. If you ever move home or wish to rearrange your living room, Chloe also comes with a perfectly matching Armchair and Footstool, to complete the look.

If you’re really tight on space, why not consider a G Plan Snuggler, otherwise known as a ‘Love Seat’, opposed to a conventional sofa. Our Snuggler’s are ideal for super cosy spaces and are still very practical pieces of furniture, with enough room for up to two people.

Medium Sofas

If you have a more generous living space, we recommend browsing through our range of Medium Sofas. This size of sofa will take up a little more room, but still leave plenty of space for other pieces of furniture and accessories, if you so wish.

Our Ridley, featured in the Jay Blades X G Plan collection, is a beautiful Medium Sofa that can be customized completely to suit your interior style. Available with a contemporary metal plinth or more traditional wooden legs, Ridley can also be covered in a Two Fabric Story, giving you the chance to design the upholstery in two beautiful fabrics of your choice. You could even complete your Ridley suite with a matching Armchair or Snuggler, alongside one of the wonderful Jay Blades X G Plan footstools.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, our 3 Seater Sofas such as Kingsbury and Seattle are perfect for medium-sized homes. Available with Power Headrest and Lumbar options, these G Plan sofas are ideal for lounging away the days.

Large Sofas

Here at G Plan, we have a wide range of Modular Sofas that are ideal for you to configure exactly to your liking and living space. Modular Sofas are perfect for larger living rooms, giving your plenty of space to stretch out on during lazy days, or to wine and dine on when hosting friends.

If you’ve got your heart set on something a little different, why not take a look at Morley from the Jay Blades X G Plan collection. With the option to add a Power Footrest or charming Bookcase Arm, make Morley into a thing of beauty that fits perfectly into your home.

We also offer a varied range of chaises sofas; these are more elegant and stylish G Plan sofas, made with lazy days in mind.

Visit Your Nearest G Plan Retailer

If you’re still not sure what size sofa you should get, visit your nearest G Plan retailer and take a look at our range of models in person. This will give you a better idea of how your favourite G Plan sofas look and feel, allowing you a better understanding of how it might look in your home. Find your closest G Plan Retailer by clicking here.

You can also order up to 8 of your favourite G Plan swatches. This may sway your decision on which size sofa would suit your living space better, as the colour of fabric or leather will really impact how your new G plan sofa looks in your lounge. Order a selection of swatches today by clicking here.

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