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Celebrating International Women’s Day at G Plan

Everyday, we try and celebrate the incredible women that work here at G Plan. However, as today marks International Women’s Day, we thought we’d mark the occasion by speaking to a few of the wonderful women that work at our Melksham G Plan headquarters.

With a rich heritage dating back to 1898, it’s safe to say that the way women work at G Plan has changed a lot over the past 125 years. Even though the furniture industry is still very male dominated, hundreds of women are now a part of the key production process at G Plan. From working on the shop floor, to production lines, logistics, accounts, marketing and CAD, G Plan wouldn’t be the furniture manufacturer it is today without the women that drive the company forward.

Katie – Marker CAD Operator

Katie has worked at G Plan since 1997, having started with the company when she was 17 years old. Having left school not really knowing which direction she wanted to go in, Katie started at G Plan working on the cutting table, piecing up sofa covers, until 2002, when an internal development job came up. Katie completed various Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses, which have led her to the position she is in now.

Katie is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to CAD, working closely alongside G Plan’s Design and Development department, to ensure everything fits the way it should. From sofa sizes to sewing specs, Katie is the woman for the job. Katie expressed how the industry has really changed over the past 25 years, having seen it grow in the capacity of women’s voices now being heard in a heavily male dominated industry.

‘The people really make this place’, said Katie, explaining how even though the job can sometimes be challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding. Due to the nature of her job, Katie often has to train new colleagues, but loves to see CAD skills grow and flourish.

Nina – Head of Customer Support

Nina has been working at G Plan since 2017, when she started as a Customer Operations Manager. Nina heads an incredible team, largely made up of women, that communicate with G Plan customers on a daily basis. Even though the job can sometimes come with its challenges, Nina explained that the colleagues she is surrounded by make the work very easy and she always feels fully supported.

‘I’ve never worked in a place where the departments communicate so well with each other’, explained Nina. ‘It really helps processes flow a lot more smoothly, making G Plan an incredible place to work’. Although it very rarely happens, if you have a problem with your G Plan furniture, have any questions about delivery or stock, Nina and her team are the people who will assist you and resolve your queries. Exceptional customer support is something we pride ourselves on here at G Plan, and we very much have Nina and her team to thank for that.

In her 6 years working at G Plan, Nina has also completed a degree in Classics – Greek and Roman Mythology, in particular – alongside being a single mum and heading up a department. It is clear Nina is a force to be reckoned with, facing challenges head on and continuing to be her wonderful self.

Anna – Cut & Sewing Supervisor

Having worked at G Plan for 9 years, Anna started her time here in the kitting area. This is a part of manufacturing where materials, such as foam and covers, are collected and taken to the production line for construction. Anna has worked in various roles during her time at G Plan, but is currently a Cut & Sewing Supervisor.

‘You’d think the work is repetitive, but every day is different, and that’s what makes the job’, says Anna. Part of Anna’s role now is to ensure that all cut and sewn covers are produced to G Plan’s specification standard. Anna’s meticulous eye for detail means no fabric errors or blemishes slip through the net, meaning every cover looks perfect when it’s put on your new G Plan sofa.

Anna echoed the words of Nina and Katie, explaining how everyone at G Plan is so welcoming and friendly. Having worked in different sections of production, Anna has an excellent understanding of how a G Plan sofa is put together.

Sharon – Marketing Manager

Sharon has been with G Plan for just over 5 years now, having started as the Retail Marketing & Operations Manager. During this time, Sharon’s jurisdiction has include looking after 300+ furniture retailers nationwide, ensuring they have everything they need from fabric swatches and samples, to pricelists and marketing point of sale.

‘For me, it’s the people’, expressed Sharon – words that have become somewhat of a theme in this blog piece. ‘I remember being a few weeks into my first role at G Plan, walking through the factory and thinking this is a lovely place to work. That feeling hasn’t changed at all.’

When leaving school, Sharon was unsure what career she wanted to pursue, taking a job as an administrator, and finding her skills flourished from there. Recently, Sharon has been promoted to Marketing Manager, overseeing the marketing team at G Plan, whilst continuing to work closely with G Plan’s Commercial Director, plan annual trade shows and remain liaising with G Plan retailers.

Having previously worked in the automotive industry, Sharon expressed that she has always worked in male-heavy industries. However, at G Plan she has felt she has always been encouraged to express her opinion, feeling she is always listened to and incredibly valued within the wider G Plan team.

The women of G Plan really shape the factory into an extraordinary place to work. Even though we have spoken to but a few of those who work here, we would like to thank each and every one of the women that continue to strive for excellence and push G Plan forward.

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