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How to Style Your Green G Plan Sofa

Green tones can create a very different feel to a room, depending on the shade you choose. Emerald greens have an opulent feel, whilst soothing sage colours help to bring the natural world indoors. It’s important to consider the best style of furniture to complement your green sofa or chair, as well as which colours work best for accessories. We’ve pulled together our top styling tips, to help the make the most impact with your green G Plan sofa.

Moody hues

Darker olive tones and velvet-like fabric can create a more dramatic effect, making a space feel extra cosy. Deeper complementary colours, such as rust-tones and burnt oranges, can help add warmth and balance to a room. You can create a more opulent aesthetic, by adding metallic accents and glass ornaments; these will also add a nostalgic feel to any space.

Contemporary details

For a more modern edge, pair your green G Plan sofa with black metal furniture and geometric detailing; we recommend accessories such as scatter cushions and vases. This will allow green tones to make an even bigger statement against monochrome backdrops.

Go all-out green

For a truly bold look, you can layer green on green to blend tones. Offset your green sofa, with mid-century style furniture in darker wood tones, with red and blue accents for accessories. Bookcases are a great backdrop to a sofa, as they provide the opportunity to add depth and texture through styling.

Fresh neutrals

Allow your green sofa or chair to make a statement in the room by choosing clean neutrals for paint colours. Think fresh whites and oatmeal tones for rugs and scatter cushions, with natural stone ceramics for vases and accessories. Weathered woods and plants bring in natural tones to create a calming mood to a space, whilst also bringing out the green tones in your sofa and chair.

What colours work best with green?

As well as your traditional neutral tones, you can also experiment with accent colours. Sage greens work beautifully with blush pinks for a soft and romantic feel. Lemon yellow will add depth and warmth to the space, particularly when paired with rich, emerald greens.


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