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2022 Trends: An Interview with an Interior Designer

Each year we see the top interior designers and publications pick the key trends that they expect to see dominating our homes. But what are the trends that people actually want? We caught up with Lucy from Lucy Coulthard Interiors, to find out what her clients are asking for.

G Plan: Are neutral colour palettes still popular?

Lucy Coulthard: After years of dominating households, we’re finally finding grey has well and truly taken the back seat. In its place are warming beige, neutral and earthy tones – which we think creates an altogether more inviting space.

Left: G Plan Hatton Pillow Back Sofa, Middle & Right: Lucy Coulthard Interiors Portfolio

G: What materials are you using in client’s homes?

L: Our clients are really embracing “bringing the outside in”, leaning towards rustic and organic material choices. They’re loving linens for upholstery, curtains and bedding – especially when layered with more textured fabrics. We love mixing these materials with more raw textures for furnishings such as rustic stone or weathered woods. Pairing these with marble or brass elements can break up the tones and elevate the space.

Images from Lucy Coulthard Interiors Portfolio

G: Which shapes are you choosing for furniture and accessories?

L: Curved and organic shapes are a rising trend borne from the shift towards all things natural. We like to use these shapes in hero pieces, which act as a centrepiece of a space. Some our favourites include puddle shaped mirrors, loosely curved table tops, and curved sofas. A single piece of furniture or statement accessory can instantly make a space feel more contemporary.

Left: Lucy Coulthard Interiors Portfolio, Right: G Plan Hurst curved sofa

G: Is the “luxe” trend out?

L: Despite the trend for natural and rustic interiors, the appetite for a luxurious feel in the home is still present. Rather than leaning towards traditional markers of luxury such as sumptuous materials and metallic elements, our clients are leaning towards a ‘new luxury’. They’re becoming more focused on investing in their furniture pieces, particularly ones where memories are made such as sofas or dining tables. Handcrafted pieces and heritage brands are key consideration factors, as they feel reassured by the quality and reputation. Furniture choices are becoming as much about the story as they are the decoration.

Left: Lucy Coulthard Interiors Porfolio, Right: G Plan Riley Sofa and Armchair

G: How do you keep classic styles contemporary?

L: We love appreciating elements of period homes through a contemporary lens. Panelling continues to be very popular, alongside wallpapering. We enjoy panelling the bottom half of a room and papering above, as this can really help elevate a featureless space. Textural wallpaper is also a great way to add softness and warmth. We also love mixing materials such as velvets, antiqued mirror and marble to add depth.

Left: Pinterest, Right: G Plan Sixty Five Large Chaise Sofa

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