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Mood Boosting Interior Trends for 2022

The start of a new year kick starts the desire for a refresh, as we look forward and set our intentions for the year ahead. Like us, our homes and trends evolve over time. Composing simple new interior “moments” can help add character and impact the mood of a room. We’ve compiled some of the top emerging interior trends for 2022, to help inspire your style and create uplifting spaces.

Natural styles

Amongst the noise of everyday life, we can simplify and find calm in the natural world. Weaving in muted sage and mineral greens through curated colour stories help to soothe the senses and bring the outside in. Carefully considered pieces such as armchairs or cushions elevate and enrich a space, without committing to a whole room colour scheme. Blush pinks are a perfect pairing for greens, adding gentle warmth.

Earthy tones such as terracotta and rust echo hues we find in nature, helping to inject warmth and create a meaningful connection to the outdoors. Draw the eye to pieces such as footstools, creating a beautiful centrepiece which also serves as a practical item.

Botanicals and fresh foliage continue to be popular trends, using prints and real plants to invigorate a space and bring it to life. It’s also proven to enhance our wellbeing and boost our moods. Explore more on this in our post on the power of house plants.

Natural, raw surfaces such as stoneware and timber add depth and connect your space to the landscape. These pieces can take centre stage in the form of vases and coffee tables, celebrating nature as an art form. Read more on this style of materials in our post on creating Japandi style in your home.

Tactile texture trends

Playing with texture trends in the home can help inject personality and blend styles to create a space that is unique to you. Select natural textures such as jute for rugs, baskets and planters to offset softer furnishings and add depth.

Velvets-styles offer both indulgence and elegance to soften a space, often used in statement pieces such as vintage sofas and scatter cushions. The luxurious texture often works alongside bolder colour palettes such as mustard yellows to offer mid-century charm.

Leather sofas and armchairs can add richness to a room, adding storytelling to your home as it ages over time and wears the marks of its history. Discover our range of leather pieces here.

Minimalist and multifunctional

Mindful, carefully curated spaces have a significant impact on mood and general wellbeing. Simple, understated layouts with lots of natural light help to create a calming ambience. Consider furniture that offers both beautiful form and function, such as storage footstools and sofa beds.

Softer shapes and angles in furniture are friendly and welcoming, with curved sofas such as our Hurst model. We are all becoming more sustainably minded, making more considered and better quality purchases. Furniture needs to stand the test of time and work harder in our homes – something we are incredibly passionate about.

Make a statement

Whilst muted tones are increasingly popular, utilising colour contrasts and combination trends are a great way to inject energy into your home. Vibrant pops of pinks and corals are an instant way to lift your mood. This can be easily introduced through accessories, such as statement lighting or vases. Bold, strong patterns for wallpaper and upholstery can also help create an optimistic feel, championing a playful approach to experimenting with colour.

Image credit: The Curious Department’s bespoke G Plan Sixty Two Chair

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