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3 Simple Steps to Create a Japandi Style in Your Home

‘Japandi’ is a beautiful combination of Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism which encapsulates inner peace and tranquillity. The two ever-popular trends focus on minimalism with clean lines and uncluttered interiors. The two styles work seamlessly together to create a warm, modern, minimalistic space. The mantra ‘less is more’ sums this style up perfectly.

The essentials to creating a Japandi style:

  • Declutter your space to create a sense of minimalism.
  • Choose furniture with simple, clean lines.
  • Use neutral colours and textures to accessorise.
1. Declutter your space

Firstly and most importantly, to achieve a sense of simplicity and minimalism you need to declutter your space as much as possible. To combat the clutter you can use a selection of natural containers like boxes or woven, bamboo and wicker baskets. This will create an open and clean atmosphere. Additionally, these materials are a key element to this trend so keep that in mind when accessorising your space.

2. Furniture

Secondly, Japandi values include simple pared-back design principles to create a perfect blend of form and function and the use of natural colours and materials. Japandi also respects the expert craftsmanship of creating beautiful pieces that stand the test of time.

When it comes to choosing your sofa, to get the desired look, you must consider the shape. The Japandi style tends to be low to the ground, simplistic, with sleek/clean lines and soft edges to create a timeless feel. This paired with textured throws such as neutral linens will inject a sense of peace and calmness.

Our Sixty Eight – exclusive to John Lewis, shown in Sorren Grey fabric. 

3. How to accessorise

Thirdly, due to the minimalistic nature of this style, less is more, especially when it comes to accessories. To get the balance between the two aesthetics, use plenty of greenery in earthenware pots, textured throws, vases with dried flowers, and accent cushions.


Image from @Japandi_design Instagram.
Natural Rope Table Lamp – Rose and Grey

4. Choose a colour scheme

Japandi colour schemes are very much neutral tones like oatmeal, cream and beige so avoid any bright, bold colours. However, to add warmth you can introduce a contrasting colour such as muted greens, greys, blues, or even deeper Japanese tones such as black, burnt orange or charcoal.

Note: fabric availability varies by model, so configure your sofa or chair to see the available fabrics for the range.

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