Interior Styling Trends 2021 - G Plan
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Interior Styling Trends 2021

There’s something about summer décor that not only gives your home a seasonal lift, but our mood and wellbeing too.Below, we’ll explore a few key trends we’re seeing for 2021, particularly suited to the summer months. These trends will make it feel like you’re bringing the sunshine indoors.

Statement Vases

Every home deserves a pop of colour or eye-catching feature. Statement vases are a really simple way to transform the look and feel of an interior. Forget the ‘functional’ vases buried in the backs of cupboards and consider something that will create a statement with vibrant colour or unique design. Pair these with some beautiful blooms or dried grasses, to truly bring a space to life.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design focuses on our innate connection to nature and incorporating nature at its core.
‘Bringing the outdoors in’ isn’t exactly a new concept, but over the course of the pandemic, and subsequently lockdown, the desire for outdoor space has never been more prevalent.

House plants, bright airy spaces, calming green hues and natural woods/furniture (think wicker and rattan) are just a few ways to incorporate this trend into your home. Although associated with summer, this trend lends itself perfectly to creating a calming, natural space all year round.

Natural Wood

The use of woods in interior design is a firm favourite, but often the deeper, richer woods of traditional furniture can be imposing and bring a heaviness to a room.

Rattan, wicker, cane and other light woods are perfect for summer, with their light hues creating bright spaces that feel elegant and spacious. The bright, summery feel this kind of furniture offers lends itself well to the summer months.

Another way of incorporating natural wood into your home is through feature walls and panelling. Panelling is a key trend at the moment and is a great way of adding character to a room.

Warm, earthy colour pallet

For the past few years grey has been dominant in the neutral interiors palette, with Pantone announcing grey and yellow as their colours of the year in January. However, as the year has progressed we’ve starting to see a shift towards warmer, earthy neutrals.

Inherently warm and welcoming, colours such as Dulux’s colour of the year – Brave Ground, are ideal for creating a fresh summery space. Earth tones can also be used to soften deeper colours like midnight blue, forest green and deep reds. This means you can still have your favourite accent colours whilst maintaining that bright, airy summer feel.

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