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How to Make Your Home a Haven of Wellbeing

Being comfortable, healthy and happy are the key things we tend to think of when thinking about personal health and wellbeing. However, in reality, wellbeing can be impacted by a much broader range of factors – how we are affected by our environment/surroundings and the experiences we have throughout our lives.

21st – 30th June 2021 is World Wellbeing Week, and with this in mind, we thought we’d share some of our favourite tips to help you turn your home into a haven of wellbeing.

We have collectively never spent as much time in our homes as we have done this past year or so. Here are just a few simple ways to enhance your living space in a way that will also enhance your health and wellbeing.

Using colour schemes to create a calming space

Images from: House Beautiful article

Colours and tones found in nature are a great starting point when choosing a colour scheme for your home. However, there are no set rules when it comes to the colours you choose, what’s important is how they make you feel.

Here are some colour palettes to consider to enhance your health and wellbeing at home:

Calming pastels – Think delicate spring flowers, leafy greens, primrose yellows and blossom pinks. This type of colour palette can bring an uplifting feel to your home without being too bold or vibrant.

Soft muted tones – Pared-back colours such as sage and khaki greens, dusty pinks, and powdery blues pair beautifully with warm grey tones to create a calm, relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

Rich, deep shades – If you prefer a pop of colour over muted tones or pastels then this might be the colour palette for you. Perfect for a late summer/early autumn feel, earthy tones with hints of forest green, plums and neutrals will create a warm, welcoming living space.

Letting the outdoors in

Check out our post exploring easy to care for house plants – bringing a touch of nature indoors is scientifically proven to improve our health and wellbeing.

As well as beautiful house plants, natural light is key to consider when decorating your home. Proven to increase energy, creativity and productivity, natural light can have a surprising impact on your health and wellbeing.

Something as simple as placing your favourite armchair next to a window so you can soak up the natural light, or setting up your work space to enable your desk to have a window view can significantly enhance your mood and bring a fresh, calming ambience to your living space.

A place to relax

Designed with form-fitting comfort in mind, our Ergoform chairs provide the perfect place to take some time out for yourself and relax. Whether you prefer to read your favourite book, listen to a podcast or just take some time to order your thoughts, our Ergoform chairs offer the ultimate comfort for you to sit back and enjoy some well deserved ‘me time’.

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