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G Plan Chairs

There is no better thing to come home to than a G Plan Armchair. From cosy traditional Armchairs, to roomy Snugglers for two to curl up on, or even a statement Swivel Chair, you’ll find the perfect G Plan Chair for your home in our vast selection. Many of our Chair models include the option of additional Manual or Power Recliner features; you can improve your relaxation even further, by also including Headrest & Lumbar Support on some G Plan Power Recliner Armchairs! We also offer a wonderful selection of Ergo Chairs; inspired by Scandinavian furniture design, G Plan Ergoform Chairs respond to the natural contours of your body, effortlessly tailoring comfort to where it’s most needed. The Jay Blades X G Plan Swivel Chairs are also true living room centrepieces, offering unquestionable comfort and chic style. No matter what style of chair you’re looking for, a G Plan chair will suit your every need.

Recliner Armchairs

Sit back and relax in a G Plan Recliner Armchair. Available with Manual or Power Recliner mechanisms, you can decide which Reclining Armchair option works best for you. A G Plan Recliner Armchair is the perfect spot to curl up with your favourite book and a cup of tea. A Manual Recliner Armchair operates via the pull of a lever, whilst a Power Recliner Armchair is activated by the touch of a button. Some G Plan Power Recliner Armchairs come with integrated USB charging points as standard; some models also have the option of including Headrest & Lumbar support. This feature will stop muscles from over taxing themselves whilst in a seated position, limiting strain and increasing comfort. Please note: Our Recliner Armchairs will require room to recline. For more information on the clearance needed for full recline on individual models, please view our brochures.