Fabric Care

How to care for your soft cover upholstery

At G Plan we’re proud of the quality of our upholstery and we want you to enjoy it for years to come. In order to enjoy it to the full, here are some of the main tips to keep it looking good. You can also get more information in our eguide and care videos.

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If a fabric care treatment has been applied to your upholstery, please refer to your care treatment provider in the event of a fabric fault.


Due to the variety of fibre and fabric constructions used, G Plan recommends you use a professional cleaning company for your sofa. Alternatively you can seek advice from the store where you purchased your furniture.

Covers should never be machine washed or dry cleaned by a launderette as this can damage the fire retardant treatments, fade colours and affect the finish of the fabrics. Where zips are fitted, this is often to assist manufacture and does not necessarily mean the cover is removable for cleaning.

For information on Aqua Clean Fabrics, click here.


  • Plump up cushions regularly.
  • Lightly vacuum upholstery once a week to prevent dust build up.
  • Direct sunlight can cause fading, so try to protect upholstery from direct sunlight where possible.
  • Avoid sitting on the arms and try to prevent children from jumping on sofas as it can damage the sofa and cushions.
  • Avoid sitting on the sofa with heavily soiled or non-colour fast clothes and avoid leaving newspapers on the sofa as the ink can stain.
  • Care should be taken with sharp-edged objects, trim off any loose threads with sharp scissors.


In the event of a spillage, prompt action can reduce the likelihood of permanent staining.

  • Remove as much of the spillage as possible with a spoon or blunt palette knife.
  • Work towards the middle of the spillage to prevent spreading the stain.
  • Soak up liquids with a clean cloth, towel or kitchen paper without rubbing the stain.
  • Blot up as much of the spillage using a damp cloth (not wet) with warm clean water, again without rubbing.
  • For information on Aqua Clean Fabrics, click here.

10 Year Frame and Seat Spring Guarantee.

Here at G Plan we take great pride in our work. Every piece of furniture we create is carefully constructed in Britain and carries the personal signature of the upholsterer who handcrafted it. We use responsibly sourced hardwood for all load-bearing areas for superior strength and hard wearing serpentine springs for durability.

In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our work that every sofa comes with a 10 Year Frame and Seat Spring Guarantee. Which covers the timber frame and seat springs on models sold from 2008 onwards. Springs within recliner mechanisms are not covered. Our skilled craftsmen have created furniture of outstanding quality, and we hope you enjoy its comfort and style for many years to come.

Elevate Rise & Recline chairs also include a 7-year guarantee on the handset, mechanism and motor.


All G Plan guarantees cover fair wear and tear claims, by the first owner of products purchased from our approved stockists only. They do not cover willful damage caused by abnormal use or storage conditions, accidents, negligence by you or a third party or any commercial or institutional use. Failure to follow the written instructions in the Care Guide or provided with the product will invalidate the claim. Any alterations or repairs carried out without written approval will also invalidate the claim. Our guarantees do not affect your Statutory Rights. 

G Plan Upholstery Limited is registered by BM TRADA under ISO 9001:2015; the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. Your furniture was designed and manufactured under the control of a Quality Management System which has been independently assessed by BM TRADA for conformance to this standard.


The Owner’s Guide supplied with your furniture contains details about how to care for your upholstery

Read online or download here

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