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Iconic G Plan Designs throughout the Years

We’re taking a walk down memory lane to celebrate our 70th Anniversary. With vintage and preloved furniture making a resurgence in interior design styles, retro G Plan furniture is as popular as ever. Having crafted some of the most iconic and incredibly loved pieces of the 20th Century, many legendary items of G Plan furniture remain to this day. Famously ‘designed to please’ and ‘made to last’, this includes chairs from as early as 1953, when G Plan as we now know it was formed.

Maximalism home décor is in full swing at the moment, with vintage G Plan furniture fitting into this interior trend perfectly. Whether you grew up around G Plan furniture, or are scouring for pieces to rehome, here are some of the most iconic G Plan designs from the last 70 years.

The B403 Television Chair

Arguably G Plan’s first modular sofa, the B403 Television Chair was designed to be an incredibly comfortable seat to perch on in front of the TV. This effortlessly elegant chair could easily be moved, allowing it to be grouped with other Television Chairs to ‘make a long settee’.

By the 1960s, 75% of British homes had some form of TV in them, meaning much free time was spent watching the television with the family. One of the first of its kind, the B403 Television Chair was crafted to give ‘support in the right places, so that the body can rest naturally and at ease’.

Righthand Image: Design by Davies

Quadrille Dressing Table

Designed by R Bennet, the Quadrille range was first created in 1965. It was hugely influenced by Scandinavian design, with uniquely shaped handles and legs. Intended to be a modular collection, each individual piece working well by itself or as a collective, the Quadrille set was elegantly understated.

Made from a rich teak wood, the Quadrille Dressing Table was designed to act as a vanity table in the bedroom, or a desk in an office or living room space. Many G Plan pieces were designed to be multifunctional, allowing them to be interchangeable within room sets. With an iconic floating top, sleigh shaped legs and adjustable/detachable mirrors, the Quadrille Dressing Table wouldn’t look out of place in a modern bedroom today.

Righthand image: Design Market

Occasional Table 8040 – ‘Astro Coffee Table’

Three of the most iconic G Plan occasional tables, all designed by V. B. Wilkins, are often confused with each other. Originally designed and sold in the mid-1960s, the 8040 table is repeatedly referred to as the ‘Astro table’. The 8040 is a perfectly circular table, with a clear glass top and wooden border; it sits on a characteristic curved criss-cross leg mount.

Far left right: Antiques Atlas

The 8050 shortly followed its predecessor, but featured a sleek oval top as opposed to a round one. Both occasional tables are made from dark teak wood; the 8040 and 8050 are still very popular in homes today, taking centre stage in living room layout. We know, it sounds very confusing!

Image: Pamono

Launched in 1970, the actual Astro table, ironically nicknamed ‘Spider’, is now an incredibly rare G Plan item. Despite the tabletop being like the original 8040, the Astro table includes 5 ornately shaped legs, creating an hourglass-like shape.

Image: Era

The 6250 – ‘The Most Comfortable Chair in the World’

Having hit the market in 1962 and aptly nicknamed ‘the most comfortable chair in the world’, the 6250 quickly rose to fame. Blofeld, one of the most infamous villains of all time, perched on a 6250 in the James Bond Film ‘You Only Live Twice’. Incredibly comfortable and overtly grand, the 6250 is an incredibly iconic G Plan design. With a high wingback and distinctive pulled detailing, this is the ultimate swivel chair.

Following on with the majesty of the 6250, the Broadway within the Jay Blades X G Plan collection beautifully encapsulates the original swivel chair’s details, whilst being a modern embodiment.

Fresco Sideboards

First introduced in 1966, G Plan’s Fresco furniture range quickly grew in popularity and was a roaring success. Largely inspired by Italian and Scandinavian designs, the Fresco range was incredibly sleek and stylish, intended to fit in any living space within a home. Popular items within the Fresco collection included neat Nest of Tables that could be easily tucked away, alongside larger modular shelving units that could be used as standalone items or grouped together to create handy storage.

However, the seemingly most prevalent piece of furniture within G Plan’s Fresco range was the sideboard. Typically made from teak wood, these sleek long side units took pride and place in living and dining rooms across the country. They are still incredibly sought after today and have been coined ‘Long John’ sideboards, due to some having an extensive 7ft length.

Righthand Image: Roberts & Astley

A Long-Standing Legacy

The aforementioned furniture is just a handful of iconic designs crafted by G Plan over our 70-year history. Thousands of pieces have been constructed by the master craftsmen and women employed by G Plan over the years. G Plan furniture from the 20th century still fits in perfectly with interior styles and trends of the 21st century, proving the designs and manufacturing methods were classic, legendary and timeless.

Even though G Plan has moved away from cabinet making and into the world of upholstery, vintage G Plan furniture would not look amiss nestled amongst modern day G Plan sofas. This proves that we still continue to produce stylish, functional furniture that is built to last and stand pride and place in any home.

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