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Setting Up for Summer 2023

Summer is finally here! It’s time for endless BBQs, copious jugs of Pimms and pretending that we all like to watch tennis for one week of the year.

Summer brings with it a joyful sense, with us all wanting to spend more time outside and more often than not, forgetting to put the right amount of suncream on (someone pass the aloe vera cream please).

Here at G Plan, to celebrate the longer, warmer, delightful days, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite summer interior trends. This is a great blog to read whilst enjoying a bowl of strawberries and cream, so get cosy on your G Plan sofa and gather some inspiration on how to refresh your home décor for the sunny season ahead.

Here Comes the Sun

A great way to bring the sunshine indoors is by incorporating flashes of gold accessories throughout your home. Not everything needs to be flashy and blingy, so instead add gentle touches of golden highlights, to allow your rooms to glint in the sunlight.

Think about adding flashes of gold by changing your taps in the kitchen and bathroom, or adding small gold accessories and ornaments to your shelves; these will nestle beautifully amongst books and dried flowers. Perhaps add golden picture frames or candle holders, instead of larger items. Simple, but effective gold details will add timeless class to your living spaces. You could also add gold features to your living room through scatter cushions; we recommend fabrics such as Plush Turmeric and Combarro Gold.

Wonderful Wicker

Wicker has always been a firm favourite in the home. Reminiscent of delicious summer picnics packed into baskets, incorporating wicker items into your home will elongate the sense of summer. A light, organic material, wicker is a great way to elevate any room’s decor.

Add wicker baskets with light blankets folded inside them, to keep the chill at bay in summer evenings. Organic materials such as jute, bamboo and wicker help to make a space feel calm and relaxing, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. Whether used in light fixtures, wall hangings, accessories or baskets, wicker is a wonderful way to create a fresh summer atmosphere all year round.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Coastal inspired interiors have always been very popular, however summertime is the perfect season to bring inspiration from the seaside into your home.

Striped fabrics and herringbone-patterned materials are a great way of adding coastal highlights into your living spaces. This can be easily achieved through scatter cushions, footstools, or even by refreshing your sofa suite.

Our favourite G Plan coastal-inspired fabrics include: Lake Cobalt, Hascombe Blue, Genesis Ocean Side and Pure Denim. You can order a selection of youfavourite G Plan coastal fabrics by clicking here.

Colourful Combinations

White walls are of course great for summertime; they allow rooms to feel bigger and brighter when the sun shines through the windows. However, be daring this summer and incorporate bright, bold highlights of colour into a room. This will easily elevate a space, reflecting the bold colours of floral blooms popping up around you outside.

Why not add colour on small sections of a wall, to add a playful contrast. Bold colours can sometimes become too much when an entire room is painted in them, so pick and choose carefully where you wish to incorporate bright colours. Your kitchen and living room are perfect areas for you to experiment with flickers of colour; think about painting joining archways a contrasting colour to the rest of your wall. This will create a focal point and become a marvellous centrepiece of a room.


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