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How G Plan is Doing It’s Bit for World Environment Day

Monday 5th June marks World Environment Day; a day dedicated to reflecting on how we can all do better for the world around us and reduce global pollution. Here at G Plan, we are always thinking of ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment and do our bit for the planet.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Here at G Plan, we have incorporated a Cycle to Work Scheme, encouraging our employees to keep fit and active, whilst reducing emissions on their daily commute to the office. By switching to cycling from driving, the average person making a typical daily commute of four miles each way would save approximately 0.5 tonnes of CO2, which equates to roughly 6% of their annual carbon footprint.

Jay Blades X G Plan

The messaging behind this World Environment Day largely focuses on beating plastic pollution. All cushion fillings within the Jay Blades X G Plan collection are sustainably sourced, with all back cushions being made from 100% recyclable polyester fibre from plastic waste. The average Jay Blades X G Plan sofa cushion uses the equivalent of 100 recycled plastic bottles.

All plastic packaging used within the Jay Blades X G Plan collection is 100% recyclable, with the plastic bags being made from 30% recycled material. Various fabrics featured within the range are also made from recycled plastics, with Tweed being made from 100% recycled olefine and Pure being manufactured from 100% recycled polyester.

You can order a selection of your favourite Jay Blades X G Plan fabrics and leathers by clicking here.

You can read the full Jay Blades X G Plan Sustainability Promise by clicking here.

Delivering Paper to Local Schools

Some of our material deliveries include excess paper for packaging functions. Unfortunately, we cannot use this paper inhouse for printing purposes, so to reduce paper waste, we collect this paper and provide it to a local school for crafts and other activities. This means that the paper is given extra longevity, instead of being recycled straight away.

Motion-sensor Lighting

At the beginning of this year, we updated the lighting throughout our Wiltshire headquarters to be triggered by motion sensors. This has meant that lighting in any room not in use for long periods of time will automatically turn off, allowing us to conserve energy. Motion-sensor lighting in commercial buildings can lower energy consumption by as much as 30%.

Recyclable Postcards

For each of our product ranges, we have postcards printed displaying important information. These postcards are printed using 100% renewable energy and vegetable-based inks, allowing them to be very sustainable marketing materials. Vegetable-based printing inks are typically made with vegetable oils, such as soy or corn oil, as a substitute for petroleum. These vegetable-based inks drastically reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere during printing processes. Harsh chemicals and sulphates are also not required to clean printing presses when vegetable-based inks are used.

Our Collection Brochures are also available digitally, reducing the need for printing and paper recourses.

25-Year Guarantee

Being a furniture manufacturer, many of our products include timber frames. All wood sourced for our timber-framed products comes from responsibly managed forests. We build furniture to last, minimising the impact furniture production has on the environment. That’s why we offer a 25-year guarantee on all timber frames.

Our skilled craftsmen and women have created furniture of outstanding quality, meaning you will have furniture that withstands the test of time.

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