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How to Style Your G Plan Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are the ultimate living room accessory. They can tie the style of a room together, whilst also providing cosiness and comfort when you settle down to relax. We must admit, we’re a little bit addicted to scatter cushions – that’s why we have so many to choose from! We’ve created a list of our top things to consider when styling your G Plan scatters cushions.

Sizing up

The size and shape of your cushions really depends on your style of your G Plan sofa. For instance, a sofa with a deeper seat depth, such as our Seattle sofa range, will allow you to group a number of scatter cushions together. However, a more compact piece such as an armchair, would suit a smaller bolster cushion, to add a pop of colour and little extra support.


Be playful with pattern

Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern, as this can really help to elevate a space and add more character. We often tend to go for a plain coloured sofa, as they are normally a safe bet and won’t age, so this is a great opportunity to add personality and texture to a room with scatter cushions. For instance, a bold coloured velvet-style sofa can be balanced out with a more detailed geometric print cushion. In addition, a smooth leather armchair can be offset with a textured bolster to add warmth and extra comfort. From simple, block colours to contemporary florals – we have a scatter cushion fabric design to suit every interior style.

Quality over quantity

The number of cushions used to dress your sofa can have a big impact on the overall mood of a space. It often looks best to go with a minimalist approach, as too many cushions can crowd a sofa. For instance, select one or two cushions to be placed at each end of your sofa, depending on the size. That said, pillow back sofas can often be complemented with the addition of a few small cushions to add colour or texture. You can choose from a more formal “chopped” arrangement, or a more relaxed look, with a couple of cushions grouped casually on one side of the sofa.






Seasonal switch up

The great thing about scatter cushions is that you can change them throughout the year, particularly if you’re the kind of person who enjoys making seasonal updates in your home. Warmer tones such as reds, oranges and browns can make a room feel cosy and inviting in the winter months. On the other hand, cooler greens and blues can create a calm, fresh and modern look for summer. Be conscious of the colours used in the rest of the room, so that you can mix warm and cool tones. This can help to create a balanced and curated feel to your space.

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