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Why We LOVE Velvet-Style Fabric

Trends come and go, but we can all agree that there is one style that’s here to stay – velvet-style fabric. Velvet-style can add instant opulence to a space, using soft textures to provide richness and depth to your décor. It works harmoniously with both contemporary and traditional interiors, offering a truly timeless look.

Make a statement with a bold coloured sofa, chair or footstool to create a real conversation piece for your home. We offer a broad range of velvet style fabrics which you can explore here. Order up to 8 free samples to experience the luxury for yourself.

How to style with velvet

We’ve teamed up with Lucy Coulthard Interior Design to get their top tips of styling with this stunning fabric to help ignite your inspiration.

Tip 1: Mix with natural textures

Mixing velvet-style with more natural materials can help soften the look you are creating, making a space feel more balanced. For instance, mixing sumptuous velvets with less refined and more natural fabrics such as linen and textural weaves seen in rugs. This style is best suited to more neutral tones such as taupe or sage.

Lucy Coulthard mood board featuring G Plan Plush Vine fabric

Tip 2: Velvet on velvet

If you are after a bolder, more luxe look then why not try blending multiple velvets. Lucy and team recommend starting with a rich base colour for your sofa, combined with warm greys and navy for the cushions. Create pops of interest with a piping in a contrasting colour, or with an accent snuggler in a feature colour or pattern.

The Sixty Five Chaise Sofa (exclusive to John Lewis) in Plush Indigo

Tip 3: Add personality with velve-style accents

Use cushions or footstools to incorporate pops of colour and inject energy to a room. Cushions are easily interchangeable and can add moments of everyday luxury to your space. Footstools are not only functional, but can be a beautiful complementary piece for styling with books or candles.

Hatton Footstool in Plush Umber

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