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Easy Ways to Clean Your G Plan Sofa

Often, while you’re cleaning the house, the sofa can get overlooked. In this blog, we’ve got some easy tips to keep your sofa clean and looking good as new all year round.

First things first, never machine wash or dry clean your sofa cushions. Whilst this might seem like a good idea, it can damage the fire retardancy, fade colours and affect the finish of your fabric. Instead, we would recommend using a specialist upholstery cleaning company.

Day to day tips:

1) Plump your cushions regularly to prevent any flattening and reversible/interchangeable cushions should be rotated weekly to avoid excess wear on one side. We recommend a minimum of 6 plumps is best.

2) If your sofa has ‘fixed’ cushions, it still needs dressing after every use, to smooth out the fabric or leather covers and keep them looking good.

3) Lightly vacuum your sofa once a week to prevent dust build-up. If dust and dirt accumulate, it can dull the colours.

4) If you have Chenille fabrics or Velvets, brush it regularly with a soft brush to avoid it changing appearance after use.

5) For leather cleaning, dust furniture with a soft brush weekly and wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust. Do not use polishes on the leather, as it can damage it.

6) If you worry about everyday dirt and stains, we have a range of Aquaclean® fabrics so you can clean household stains up with just water. Explore more about Aquaclean® here. And, to order some Aquaclean® fabric samples, click here.

Seattle sofa shown in Aqua clean fabric
Product shown above: Seattle.

For more ways to care for your sofa or chair, please visit our owner’s guide, here. This includes more detail for ways to clean your fabric or leather furniture.

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