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How to Buy the Perfect Sofa for Your Room

Tip Number 1: Consider Your Room Size

Before you start looking for your dream sofa, the first thing you need to consider is the size of your living room, or the space you wish your new G Plan sofa to go into. You don’t want your new sofa to overpower your existing furniture and accessories, or look lost in a larger space.

Some things to think about:

  • For smaller spaces, you may wish to think about a small two seater sofa, such as our Ellis sofa.
  • If you have a larger room, you could make a dramatic statement with a generous sofa, or a sweeping corner sofa such as Jackson.

We understand that no two living rooms are the same; this is why we have a varied range of sofas, armchairs and footstools, to fit even the smallest of living spaces. It’s worth thinking about what the purpose of the sofa is for; is it to sit and relax on, or to be used as more of a feature piece, or sofa bed that won’t be used as often. Realising this will really help you understand how much space your sofa should take up, making your decision much easier to make.

To find out more information on all of our sofas, have a look through our collection online or download a brochure.

Tip Number 2: Measure Twice

Fitting the sofa in your living room is one thing, but is your home adaptable enough to accommodate its journey from your front door to your living room?

Some things to consider:

  • Measure your doorframes and hallways before purchasing your sofa.
  • Ask your local stockist if your chosen sofa comes in sections for easy manoeuvring.
  • Research what kind of feet your new G Plan sofa comes with; are they detachable to allow extra manoeuvrability?

Each of our furniture models comes with a set of dimension specifications, meaning you can refer back to these when you’ve perfectly measure your living space. As well as sofa width, it’s important to take sofa depth into consideration too. A sofa with a generous depth could be too imposing in a more compact room, meaning there isn’t much room to move about, or add anymore furniture in tow.

The arms of your new sofa can also impact the space to play with. Even though they are very elegant and more traditional, scrolls arms can protrude further into a room, taking up more space than possibly intended. Roll arms are more compact in shape, meaning they can sometimes be more generous with space, depending on the size of sofa you wish to choose.

We recommend visiting your nearest G Plan retailer, to fully understand the shape and size of the sofa you wish to purchase. This will give you a better understanding of scale and how furniture pieces can be situated in your desired living space.

Tip Number 3: Picking the Perfect Colour and Fabric

Not only is selecting the right fabric and colour important in matching the style of your interior, but is also needs to suit your lifestyle. Darker colours, such as Plush Indigo will potentially suit a bigger room better, but also be more forgiving if it’s a family or pet-filled home. Our range of Aquaclean fabrics are perfect for spill-prone homes, as they are made up of a revolutionary stain release technology, making your sofa upholstery much easier to clean and look after.

Lighter, brighter colours may be better suited for smaller, more compact spaces. Fabrics such as Mamas Sky or Beach Duck Egg will allow your living space to feel light and airy, opening up the space.

You can order 8 free swatches from us, to help you decide which fabric, colour and finish will suit your new sofa and home interior best.

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