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G Plan’s Guide to Must Have Coffee Table Books

Adding coffee table books to your table is a lovely way to invite people to sit back and relax in your home. They’re also great conversational pieces, but also a further extensions of your style and express. Here is a list of some of G Plan’s favourite coffee table books, that we think you need in your home.

Buckingham Palace: The interiors

This book by artist and designer Ashley Hicks showcases his stunning photos which detail the interiors of Buckingham Palace, these decadent photos draw attention to the impressive regency that Buckingham Palace has to offer as well as allowing the general public an insight into the home of the royals. Alongside these photos, this book details the history behind the stunning interiors of this prestigious palace.

Resident Dog

Resident Dog is a book that lets you explore incredible homes and introduces you to the dogs that live there. This photographed collection by Nicole England showcases some of the most architecturally unique houses and how the dog that lives there may have influenced the style or feel of the finished home.

Living with Pattern: colour texture and print at home

Artist and Designer Rebecca Atwood uses this book to explore textures and patterns and how these can be incorporated into your home. From shibori tie dye to tribal prints this book shows you how to add colour and prints to your home as well as ways to DIY many of them yourself which can help you start to decorate your home to suit your personal style.

Blue Planet II

Dive into the mysteries of the ocean with this beautifully made book. With over 300 pages packed with information and awe-inspiring underwater photography, it is the perfect addition to your coffee table. Our understanding of the world’s oceans have changed dramatically over the past few years and this book gives you a new insight into the variety of underwater life across the planet and some of the dangers that many of these creatures face.

New York Splendor: Rooms to remember

Wendy Moonan goes inside some of the most unique and personality packed homes in New York City. This gorgeous book will take you on a tour of some of the city’s finest residential spaces, from opulent entrance halls to patchwork bedrooms, this collection of homes will surely leave you wanting more.


Dior and his decorators

This book by Maureen Footer gives you an insight into the inner working of one of the worlds most iconic fashion designers, Cristian Dior.  Dior’s love for creativity extends past his vast range of fashion creations to his homes, salons and extensive gardens and you get to read about the vision and people behind his extraordinary creations in this incredible book.

Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People

The MET Gala is one of the world’s most prestigious events and their opening night party is easily one of the most exclusive, and with a guest list of glamorous A-listers, it’s the party everyone knows. This book is a collaboration between the museum and Vogue, the book starts its exploration of the event in 1971 and spans four decades to the present day. With access that only Vogue could provide this book gives you all the insider information you could ever want about this prominent event.

The Dogist

The perfect book for any dog enthusiast, Elias Weiss Friedman captures the portraits of 1,000 dogs to create a beautiful tribute to our four-legged friends. From gorgeous pure show breeds to lovable mutts this collection showcases the distinct character of each individual dog. These stunning images capture the spirit of each breed and they are sure to put a smile on your face!

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