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Deep Sea Interiors Trend Blog

Catwalk to Interiors – The Deep Sea Trend

14/07/2015 - Blog & Opinion

Watery hues and fluid fabrics have caught our attention on the Spring Summer Catwalks this year, so here at G Plan HQ we’ve been thinking about how we can make the most of the trend and bring the deepest darkest depths of the oceans into our homes too.

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Blooming lovely

15/05/2015 - Blog & Opinion

Finishing touches are so important when it comes to completing the look and feel you desire for your home.

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Tartan. Fill your home with a highland haze…

13/05/2015 - Blog & Opinion

Whether it’s a subtle lampshade, soft furnishings or a statement sofa in a tartan pattern, it’s sure to create a welcoming environment for your family and friends.

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Botanical living

10/04/2015 - Blog & Opinion

From florals through to tropical ferns, featuring flora and fauna within your living space is going to be big throughout the year.

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Spring Spruce Up

13/03/2015 - Blog & Opinion

A few tips to set you on the right track to revitalising your living space this Spring...

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Quality Career Opportunities in Manufacturing

09/03/2015 - Blog & Opinion

In her role as Quality Manager, Dawn Moore is responsible for ensuring that G Plan consistently delivers on its comfort promise.

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Grand Designs in Manufacturing

05/03/2015 - Blog & Opinion

As a Senior Designer at G Plan, Paul Dack is responsible for designing G Plan sofas for homes throughout the country, but reveals his role goes far beyond the initial sketches...

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Mint Blog Paint

Colour Combination – Silver and Mint

13/02/2015 - Blog & Opinion

By combining these two serene colours you can create a tranquil environment to sit back and relax in.

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Patterns Blog Leaf

Love Patterns

28/01/2015 - Blog & Opinion

To liven up the Winter months, why not try something new and go bold with the sofa.

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Atlanta 3 Seater Sofa Mesh Linen Hero Shot

Relax. It’s a G Plan.

20/01/2015 - Blog & Opinion News & Events

We’re thrilled to announce four new additions to the G Plan family.

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Pink Blog Thumbnail

Tickled Pink

12/01/2015 - Blog & Opinion

Pink isn’t just a colour used to adorn little girls’ bedrooms; it’s a hue that can evoke a sense of passion, cheer and sophistication.

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Country Living Blog Thumbnail

Country Living

07/01/2015 - Blog & Opinion

It’s difficult to find a décor trend that allows the same level of versatility as country living...

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Christmas Blog Fairy

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

18/12/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Using the same decorations on the tree each Christmas does bring a sense of nostalgia to this time of year, but sometimes, it’s nice to break tradition and try something new...

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Alpine Living

18/12/2014 - Blog & Opinion

At this time of year it’s difficult not to fall in love with the chalet-chic look, achievable with faux furs, woods and wools.

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Geometry Lessons Blog Header

Geometry Lessons

17/12/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Our final collection is inspired by one of our favourite trends, graphic shapes and tessellations, such as mosaic, latticework, chevrons, basket weave and checks...

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Metallic Sparkle Blog Thumbnail

Metallic Sparkle

10/12/2014 - Blog & Opinion

We’re thrilled to introduce the next trend in our wonderful new range of fabrics at G Plan.

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Moody Blues Plate

Moody Blues

03/12/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Following on from our first release, the second installment in our new upholstery fabric range is the delectable Moody Blues collection.

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Rose Delight

26/11/2014 - Blog & Opinion

We have been inspired by the emerging trend of beautiful dusky pink hues, rose quartz and pink champagne to create a mesmerising collection of Rose Delights...

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New Romance Blog Lace

New Romance

12/11/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Our history dates back to 1898 when Ebenezer Gomme established his first furniture factory. An era that embraced the battle between Gothic and Classical architecture, when Victoria was queen and when design was king.

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Feature Wall Blog Wallpaper

Feature walls: personalise your living space

06/11/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Decorating a room in your home can leave you feeling energised, but it can be just as much of a boost to give only one wall within your living space a new lease of life.

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08/10/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Part 3 of our sofa buying guide. Having a beautiful sofa that perfectly complements your décor is important, but it should also offer you the best in comfort too.

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Gemma Leather Sofa Leather Blog Header

There’s Something About Leather

01/10/2014 - Blog & Opinion

We have searched far and wide to source the perfect hide for our G Plan sofas...

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Small World

16/09/2014 - Blog & Opinion

We love the challenge of styling a small space. When it comes to visually enlarging a smaller room – the possibilities are endless...

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Natural Beauty Blog Thumbnail Cushions

Natural Beauty

28/08/2014 - Blog & Opinion

The beauty of neutral is its simplicity. It creates a calm and harmonious atmosphere with minimal effort.

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Have a Maritime Summer

23/07/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Cool colours, aquatic accessories and beachy décor are firmly on trend this summer as our thoughts are directed to the seaside...

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Leather Selection

Sofa Buying Guide: Room Décor, Leather and Fabrics

06/06/2014 - Blog & Opinion

There's a lot to think about when buying a sofa. Consider which colours and fabrics would work well with your current Room Décor.

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Oakland Chair

Sofa Buying Guide: Room Size

16/05/2014 - Blog & Opinion

Before you start looking for your dream sofa, the first thing you need to consider is the size of your living room. Read our top tips here...

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14 Reasons to try a G Plan Sofa in 2014

06/05/2014 - Blog & Opinion

A G Plan sofa is ‘The Ultimate Comfort Experience’. But there are a lot more reasons to buy one of our sofas - find out here.

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G Plan video shoot

And action: a peek into our new video shoot

24/03/2014 - News & Events

Take a glimpse through the lens at our recent video shoot.

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Blush trend

Decorating your home in 2014: the colour trends

27/01/2014 - Blog & Opinion

A new year brings the perfect excuse to refresh your home’s interior.

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That timeless quality

16/12/2013 - Blog & Opinion

If you're thinking about buying a new sofa, ask yourself, what will it be like in ten year's time? Make sure it stands the test of time–, choose G Plan quality and craftsmanship.

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Eton Leather

Behind the scenes of the new Eton sofa shoot

12/12/2013 - Blog & Opinion News & Events

Ever wondered what happens on a photo shoot? Take a sneak peek at our recent outing to shoot the newly launched Eton sofa.

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Cut fabric length

Our new site makes choosing the right sofa easier than ever

04/12/2013 - Blog & Opinion News & Events

Its a big decision choosing a sofa, so our new site has made this simple for you, whilst allowing you to be creative along the way!

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