Stir Up Sunday

Wooden spoons at the ready, November 22nd hosts this year’s Stir Up Sunday! A tradition that dates back to Victorian times, the idea is that on the last Sunday before Advent, we should all be donning our aprons in preparation for steaming a Christmas masterpiece; the pudding. On this special day, we’re bringing you a fabulous recipe and some top tips for keeping this great British tradition alive in your home.

As huge fans of the legendary Queen of Bakes, we don’t think you can go wrong with Mary Berry’s rum or brandy-infused Christmas Pudding. Whether you’ll be serving it up at your own gathering or offering it as a gift at somebody else’s party, this recipe is certain to impress friends and family.

Stir Up Sunday Christmas Pudding

We believe the making should be just as fun as the eating, so dedicating a day to your Christmas pud is a perfect solution. One of our favourite things about Stir Up Sunday is the festive aroma which will fill the house and mark the start of Christmas.

Be sure to start the pudding early, but not so early that you can’t enjoy a mulled wine while mixing the ingredients – we think 12 noon is a good time to begin preparation. And don’t forget to pass around the wooden spoon, allowing every member of the family to take their lucky stir and make a wish.

Stir Up Sunday Mixer

The six-hour steam is a perfect excuse to spend the day relaxing on the sofa, or you could spend the time preparing your home for the festivities. Fill your log basket, bring the decorations down from the attic, or perhaps start writing your Christmas cards whilst watching ‘The Wonderful Life’ – all from the comfort of your G Plan. Back to the kitchen – remember to keep an eye on the water levels and do not let the pudding boil dry.  Keep topping up it with freshly boiled water if necessary.

Once the pudding is steamed, wrap it up in fresh parchment paper, tie with string and top up with a tablespoon of brandy or rum every week.  This will keep the pudding moist and tasting delicious as it matures ready for its grand unveiling on Christmas Day.

Christmas Puddings

If your family will be reviving the tradition and including pudding-making as part of your Christmas festivities this year, we’d love to see. Don’t forget to share your efforts with the hash tag #stirupsunday on social media. Enjoy!

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