Spring Spruce Up

Romantic pale blossoms, vibrant yellow daffodils and woolly white lambs dotted about green pastures – we love spring. This season is so linked with new life and fresh beginnings that it’s hard not to look at your home and want to make some changes. Some may find it difficult to know where to start, but with a few tips and a bit of guidance, we can put you on the right track to revitalising your living space.

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It’s exciting to get started, but before rushing ahead, it’s best to plan so you can make sure the space is utilised in the best way and you can achieve harmony. There’s many ways that you can start gathering inspiration in order to get the look and feel you desire. You can find inspiration in a variety of different places, from roomsets in home shops, interior design blogs, magazines and even the homes of your friends and family. Once you have got a scheme in mind, you can start planning the room.

Spring Spruce Up

Pinterest is a great online tool to gather furniture, decorative items and colour schemes that you would like to include and curate them onto themed boards. From these boards you can get an idea of how different elements can work together within your living space. Once you have a more focussed view of what you would like to include in your décor scheme, it’s time to experiment with the specifics that you’ll be featuring.

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To get a real sense of how textures will work together it’s a good idea to also create a physical moodboard. Using scraps of wallpaper, upholstery fabrics, inspirational images and any finishing touches you think will enhance your scheme, you can play around with different options until you find the best one for you. At G Plan HQ we frequently use this moodboard technique to help us develop our new fabric collections.

Spring Spruce Up Spring Spruce Up

One of the most important things to remember when giving your rooms a spruce up, is to make sure that the room is filled with expressions of your personality and taste. This will create a coordinated feel throughout your home and make it an enjoyable place to live. If you would like to explore some of the trends and interior scheme boards that we’ve created, simply follow us on Pinterest.

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Image Credits: brattebakka.blogspot.be, sarahhoganphoto.com, estmagazine.com.au, waterworks.com, aplaceforustodream.tumblr.com, cafenoHutonflickr.com

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