Quality Career Opportunities in Manufacturing

In her role as Quality Manager, Dawn Moore is responsible for ensuring that G Plan consistently delivers on its comfort promise. To make this happen, the highest standards need to be upheld across the entire production chain and service functions.

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“From monitoring the quality of incoming raw materials to examining standards throughout the construction and upholstery process, tasks are varied and demanding, but the ultimate aim remains the same: to deliver on our brand promise. If for some reason customers are less than satisfied with our products or services, we investigate to find the cause and take steps to correct any issues. My role is all about ensuring that we have the necessary frameworks in place to support quality and continual improvement throughout the organisation.”



In terms of attracting young people to the manufacturing industry, Dawn believes that companies must promote the career diversity and the flexibility which exists within manufacturing.

“The industry offers hugely varied roles. Manufacturing covers such a broad spectrum of jobs and there are lots of transferable skills which you can take to or from other industries and careers.

“It is important to highlight this to those starting out on the career ladder, as people tend to think of manufacturing as confined to roles in factory production lines and don’t realise the breadth and variation of jobs available.”

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Interchangeable skills

Dawn says this variation in manufacturing means that there is a plethora of opportunities for young people looking for a career.

“One member of my team joined G Plan as a work experience intern in marketing just over a year ago. After having the chance to work in several different departments, she has now accepted a role with the quality department.

“Like that intern, young people shouldn’t be afraid of trying different roles before settling on something they’re truly passionate about. It is this breadth of opportunity which we are keen to make young people aware of.”

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So what does it take to work in manufacturing? Dawn says good communication and problem solving skills as well as a passionate, hardworking mentality are required for a successful career.

“Obviously in a business like G Plan, where we must make sure we are delivering on our comfort promise every single time, attention to detail is vital. I also need to be a good communicator. Whether I need to escalate an issue to a higher level, or discuss concerns with the production line, I need the ability to make information relevant to people at all levels in the organisation.

“In order to succeed in manufacturing, you need determination, tenacity and most importantly, the ability to keep smiling under pressure!”

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