Colour Combination – Silver and Mint

At this time of year, we think about updating our homes to give them a new lease of life for the coming months. If your home has a neutral scheme, it provides the perfect base to build on, by introducing new accent colours and textures. Silver and mint is a colour combination that has a soothing effect and is a simple way of dressing up an otherwise plain living space.


Mint Blog RoomsetMint Blog Stag


The natural shimmer of silver can highlight different points within the room. Hang a silver-framed mirror over the hearth to create a focal point, which can also make the room appear larger, bounces light around your living space and brightens the mood. Place silver knick-knacks such as candle holders or small pewter vases on top of the mantle, to carry the colour scheme throughout the room, and enhance that area as an element to be focused on.


Mint Blog MirrorMint Blog Lamp


If you’re feeling slightly bolder, and want to invest more into changing the look of your room, then dress your windows with new curtains. Keeping to neutral tones, try to find curtains that have silver threads weaved into the pattern. This will instantly alter the appearance of the room and provide an understated glamour. Introduce chrome tie backs to match the new theme, and create a sense of harmony throughout.


Mint Blog GlassMint Blog Cutlery


Using mint hues presents the opportunity to introduce more natural elements to your living space. Eucalyptus leaves have a wonderfully silver sheen on their minty-toned leaves, so fill large glass bottles or vases with branches of this fragrant tree, and place them as a centre piece on the coffee table. A cream leather sofa, such as the Linear Leather, is the perfect canvas to be dressed with plump cushions in a mint upholstery fabric, or even a soft throw.


Mint Blog LeavesMint Blog Light


By combining these two serene colours you can create a tranquil environment to sit back and relax in. Take a look at our silver and mint Pinterest board for further inspiration for using this theme in your home.


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