Botanical living

As we progress through 2015, it’s clear to see that the botanical trend is here to stay. From florals through to tropical ferns, featuring flora and fauna within your living space is going to be big throughout the year. The range of styles and types of botanical patterns means there’s so much you can play with in your home. But if tropical leaf prints aren’t your thing, inspire yourself with wild meadow flowers, creeping ivy and delicate woodland animals, drawing inspiration from Kenneth Grahame’s novel, Wind in the Willows, to create a calming effect in your living space.

Botanical Living  Botanical Living

This type of scheme suits a more neutral and pared down look. Dusky moss greens, lichen mustards and pale cloud blues are all hues that give a quintessentially British look. Keep tones pale and interesting with watered down colours, reminiscent of children’s illustrations and old story books. Teaming paler upholstery fabrics such as Rush Lavender with a darker tone like Highland Thistle, means you can create a harmonious contrast within your living space and keep colours muted but not boring.

Botanical Living  Botanical Living

This scheme favours darker woods and rustic accessories. Dramatic touches such as this antler wall light from David Hunt, mean that you can capture the spirit of the woodland within your living space and create a talking point for guests. For a walk on the wild side, feature critters throughout your room with animal motifs such as lampshades, ornaments and pictures, like this rabbit print from Thornback and Peel. These bring a sense of calm and closeness with nature, which is particularly comforting at this time of year as the seasons change.

Botanical Living  Botanical Living

Add a sense of luxe to this scheme by keeping the rest of the room simple and feature accent pieces throughout. This will prevent it looking too cluttered and will really help statement items stand out. Touches of gold, such as piping on cushions, highlights on ornaments or even candles, mimic the brightness of sunshine and will lift the scheme from feeling too earthy.

For more inspiration on how to dress your home, take a look at our Pinterest page.

Botanical Living  Botanical Living

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