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Spring Clean with G Plan

We’re on the brink of Spring, meaning more daylight and (hopefully) a few more spells of sunshine. It’s the ideal time to focus on decluttering the home to create a serene space, beneficial for both your house and your mind. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you organise, refresh and reinvigorate your home.

Tidy home, tidy mind

Start to tackle each room one step at a time. Work your way through each drawer or cupboard one by one, beginning to create various piles to categorise items. These could include “essential”, “useful” and “unwanted/no longer necessary” to help prioritise. Define specific areas for each of the items you are keeping and consider donating or recycling the pieces that are no longer required. Utilise drawer organisers and labels, considering additional storage such as baskets to maximise space and help to maintain the order you have created.

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Less is more

Whilst subtle styling can help bring a room together, be careful not to clutter surfaces. Be selective with your accessories such as candles or flowers on furniture such as coffee tables to help maintain a feeling of space. Limit yourself to one or two accent cushions for your sofa to add a splash of colour that complements your decor. Aim to leave approximately 10% of your bookcase free at all time, to ensure you always have space for new books. Try to create a capsule wardrobe with investment pieces instead of fast fashion, helping to save both space and time each morning getting ready.

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Create good flow

The arrangement of a room is so important in creating a calm, welcoming atmosphere in the home. Consider the size of the room and your furniture, ensuring the pieces aren’t too tall or bulky. Measure your space before buying items like sofas and chairs, considering modular or compact pieces that have multiple uses such as storage. Add in a mix of shapes and textures that complement one another, as well as versatile pieces like ottoman footstools which can be used to sit on or place accessories on.

Top Image: G Plan Rita Footstool, Bottom Image: Pinterest

Map out a mood board

Once you’ve cleared out and rearranged, you may consider redecorating. You’ve spent some time getting to know the size of your space, so the next step would be understanding how and when you use it. Think about features you like and how to maximise these, as well as listing the areas that need improvements. Map this out on a mood board, gathering inspiration and samples to build out the style and tone you are trying to create. At G Plan we offer complimentary fabric samples for our products, that can be ordered via our website. Take your time with this to ensure you are clear on the details before starting the project.

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