The Art of Display Books

Our interior spaces speak volumes about our interests, our tastes and how we live our lives. From paint and wallpaper colours, to furniture choices and the artwork and trinkets on display, personal choices combine to make every room unique. Even the smallest of details can add impact and this week we’re exploring the wonderful world of display books…

Flat Shelving

Bookshelves are not always the best way to show off your favourite publications. When the front covers can be so beautiful, why would you want to stare at their spines? Clever shelving options can save valuable floor space, but also make a feature of your books too. We love how this concept store in Clerkenwell, London have created a display by storing books flat against the wall. Cookbooks and magazines are great choices or anything with a bold cover image which will add colour, create impact and draw the eye. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could up-cycle a ladder to use as flat shelving.

Clerkenwell London Books Display

Play that record

We’ve been inspired by the clever and stylish ways music lovers show off their records, and a fabulous unit like this one would be ideal for books too. Display your books proudly and create a mini library that you can flick through easily. Great for adding a retro feature to your space, this option would be suitable for larger books with graphic covers, following a trip to any art museum bookshop.

Records Display Unit Home Blog

The Travelling Bookshop

Make storage part of the story and opt for an interesting alternative to traditional shelving. Small vintage briefcases and leather suitcases cut in half are perfect for this quirky look and would make a lovely display for travel guides. Stack your books in different directions to give the display an eclectic edge. What’s clever about this design is that you can add pieces as your collection grows. Just remember to keep one suitcase spare for that well deserved holiday!

Suitcase Shelves Display Books Blog

What shelves?

Invisible shelves are perfect for a minimalistic, clutter-free aesthetic and work most effectively when all the books are around the same size. You could also group by colour for a cohesive look. Use these shelves to create long elongated shapes or mimic the shape of a traditional bookshelf with a modern edge. Books can be stacked horizontally or vertically to achieve an unusual feature in any room.

Invisible Book Shelves Blog

Optimize your space

If you prefer a minimal aesthetic or even one that optimizes every nook and cranny, using a bench as a bookshelf is a wonderful way to store your books. By seamlessly blending your reading space with your storing space, you are adding practicality to your interior, which is ideal for a smaller apartment or flat.  For added creativity, up-cycle wooden planks or storage crates for a unique bench. Soft furnishings like scatter cushions and blankets complete this look for a comfortable area to relax and read in.

Bench Book Storage Blog

With all these interesting storage ideas, you can continue book collecting guilt-free as there will always be a place for another in your home! Get creative with your curation and make the most of your space to show off your favourites, or even your entire library!

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