New Year. Fresh Start. Declutter.

After the chaos of Christmas, now is the time to reclaim your home and inject a little organisation. January is an obvious month for a clear out which will do wonders for the soul and ensure you have a home that you can truly relax in. There are a number of guides on the internet giving advice on how best to de-clutter and interiors magazines this month are full of clever storage ideas. Here at G Plan HQ we believe a good sort out should be enjoyable, and space saving solutions should bring style to your home as well as all the practical benefits. Read on for some quick and easy tips on sorting and storage that should help you on your way…


The television area can often cause problems and spoil a clean and clutter free scheme in your living room. DVD players and games consoles sit underneath gathering dust, discs and games don’t find their way back to their homes and the lines of cable can often seem endless. A carefully chosen cabinet will keep all of this tidy and out of sight. There are some stunning shades of shabby chic paint available if you want to upscale an old piece of furniture and make this the focal point of the room. We particularly like Annie Sloan’s bright and bold ‘Provence’ if you’d like to add a splash of colour.

annie sloan

When paperwork starts to pile up, find an attractive way to file it away. We love these pretty, floral Freshwater Bay storage units from Laura Ashley. Keeping all your important papers in one place should make life easier, and these stylish drawers make a great addition to any study or desk space.


Don’t feel that you need to get rid of everything to ensure it’s a successful de-clutter, a simple re-organisation of furniture or the addition of more storage can work wonders. In the living room, why not try a storage footstool? You can hide away newspapers, magazines and TV remotes that you don’t want lying around and after all the tidying is done you’ll be able to put your feet up too! Co-ordinate the fabric with your existing sofa or if you’re after a unique and eclectic look you could select a contrast.


Now for the bedroom. If you can’t see the wood for the trees in your wardrobe then now is the time to cut back. Set some rules, for example, if you haven’t worn something for over two years, it’s going to the charity shop, and set to work on a big clear out. This might sound like a chore, but we promise you’ll feel better afterwards. The key thing to remember is to take your items to the charity shop, clothing bank or friend’s house as soon as possible once you’ve sorted them. You won’t be able to enjoy the results of the clothing cull if it’s all still sat in bags in the spare room!


Get the family involved. Finally, children’s bedrooms and playrooms are likely to be particularly messy after the Christmas period. Be crafty and get them involved in a project to make or decorate their own storage boxes. This will provide hours of entertainment and the end result will be something practical that they can use to store their new games and toys.

storage boxes

We hope this blog has given you a little inspiration for your de-clutter with practical ideas that will look great too. Remember, you don’t need to tackle everything at once, just work room by room and in a couple of weeks your home will feel like new.

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