Feature walls: personalise your living space

Decorating a room in your home can leave you feeling energised, but it can be just as much of a boost to give only one wall within your living space a new lease of life. Feature walls are an easy way to inject your personality with some truly beautiful results.

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We’ve been looking into ways you can achieve these room accents that will leave you feeling inspired to try your own.

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Savvy shelving

Most people consider shelving to be a functional necessity to help store books, magazines, photos and keep clutter at bay. However, we can see the potential of turning these into focal points of the room. Use mismatched sized boxes and line them with fabric or wallpaper samples, this will achieve impact and can be a great way to tie accent colours together.

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Gallery wall

Frames look great on windowsills and mantelpieces but by adorning your wall with them you can create an intriguing feature piece that also showcases life’s important moments, from weddings and friends to new family additions. You can structure them in lines, or for a more laid-back look, arrange them haphazardly.

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Helpful tip: to make sure you create a layout you love, plan ahead. Use bits of brown paper or old wrapping paper cut to the same dimensions as the frames and stick them to the wall with Blu-Tack first as this way you can rearrange to get your desired look, making the process a lot calmer.

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It’s a classic for a reason, this is one of the simplest ways to achieve that stand-out feature wall. Pick a pattern featuring complementing colours to the rest of your scheme or even use it as an opportunity to introduce new accent colours to your room. Placing a neutral leather sofa in front of the wall, such as the Malvern in Capri Sand, with its soft buttery appearance, prevents your feature becoming too overpowering. When dressed with cushions in complementing colours, this can also achieve a tied together atmosphere for your living room.

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For more design hints and tips please take a look at our Pinterest page for inspiration.

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