Options for all the family

The two main things to consider for your family sofa; type and size of your sofa and type of material and fabrics.

The most family friendly sofa types
There is no better place to spent quality family time than on your sofa. Whether you’re snoozing with the dog, watching a film with the children or catching up with friends and family over a drink and nibbles, your sofa loves to be lived on, so start by asking yourself a few practical questions;

 What is the maximum number of people who will sit on the sofa at one time?

 Will you cave and let the pets up too?

 How does your family like to relax on the sofa?

 How much space is there to work with in your living room?

We understand that every family home is different and we all enjoy relaxing in different ways. So here are a few sofa types to consider:

 Corner sofas – for maximizing seating space as well as comfort

 Chaise sofas – for maximizing seating space in small spaces

 Storage sofas – to store pillows, throws, children’s toys, magazines etc.

 Recliner sofas – for added comfort and relaxation

Be sure to measure up! There is lots to consider such as: will it fit through doors or obstruct windows? Visit our measuring guide to ensure you have it covered.

What’s the best type of material and fabric to opt for?

Choosing the right material and fabric is important to ensure your sofa can deal with all the life the little ones (quite literally) throw at it, and ensure those spillages are easy to clean to keep it looking as good as new, without the worry of stain.

Our new, refreshed Aquaclean® collection

Our range of ‘worry-free’ Aquaclean® fabrics are the perfect option for families (including the dog). They have a protective treatment that is incorporated into every fibre of the fabric. An invisible molecular coating ensures that dirt doesn‘t seep into the fabric, therefore acting as a cleaning facilitator. Plus, it doesn’t change the feel or texture of your sofas and it won’t wear off like some other protective treatments that are sprayed on after it’s made.

How Aquaclean® works

Remove any excess residue on the upholstery.

Apply a small amount of water over the stain, either directly or using a damp cloth. Wait a few seconds.

Press down over the stain with a damp cloth and rub gently over the fabric using circular movements.

If the stain does not come off completely, repeat the process as required.