Bringing the Outdoors In

We’re always happy to welcome March, the brighter days and the arrival of Spring. The season brings with it new life and freshness and makes us want to revitalise our homes with a brand new look. One of our favourite trends (perfect for this time of year) takes inspiration from the great outdoors for a calm, relaxing space full of natural elements.

Watson Sofa Outdoors In Blog

Summer houses, garden rooms and conservatories make ideal settings for a tranquil haven to enjoy throughout the spring and summer months. However, there are a number of ways you can bring a touch of the beautiful English countryside to any room in your home which will make it feel closer to the outside world. Read on for our top tips for bringing the outdoors in…


Decorate with the colours of nature. For a pared back scheme, choose earthy tones and warm greige shades which look fabulous with natural woods and textured rugs. Botanical prints are very much on trend and allow you to fill your home with your favourite flowers, even out of season. You might like to try a feature wall or alcove to add interest. We particularly like Hummingbirds by Cole and Son.

Winslet Armchair Cole and Son Wallpaper Outdoors In Blog

If you’re after something brighter, go for greens reminiscent of the countryside and pale blues in shades that bring to mind open water or summer skies. Yellow is a timely colour in March and makes us think of the sunshine, daffodils and other spring flowers. We love the yellow colour palette from Farrow & Ball.

Outdoors In Blog Farrow and Ball Paints

A simple way to blur the lines between your interior and your garden is to fill your home with plants. Introduce greenery wherever you can; adorn window sills and surfaces, and place pots in empty corners. Cluster pots of herbs or house plants together for fragrance and to add interest. These luscious leaves will bring your scheme to life and also provide health and mood lifting benefits too.

Greenery Outdoors In Blog

Beautiful blooms will bring the colours of the countryside in to your space. Don’t be precious about your displays – a fun selection of your favourites will do the trick. Think outside of the box when selecting a vessel to display them in too. A watering can or glass jug will add a charming rustic vibe. Awaken your senses with lots of fragrances from the outdoors such as lavender, floral potpourri or a wood-based incense.

Outdoors In Blog Flowers

Wooden flooring will really help to bring a natural, outdoor feel to any room. For an easier update incorporate wood through your choice of furniture and accessories. Vintage or distressed pieces are perfect for the ‘outdoors in’ look and will bring character to your space. Crates or palette wood make fabulous storage solutions or tables and are extremely popular for adding a rustic look. Outdoor items like watering cans, flower pots and gardening gloves needn’t stay in the shed. These items will make quirky and unexpected additions to your space. Try using a wooden ladder or a simple peg rail for a hint of country charm.

Outdoors In Blog Peg Rail

Keep your soft furnishings on theme with soft picnic blankets in warm shades of green and pink. Accessories like wicker baskets and glass bottles will also bring a summery vibe. Empty frames against a coloured wall make a nice touch or alternatively display photographs and pictures of the outdoors. Photographs from your trips to the countryside can be particularly inspiring.

Milton Sofa Outdoors In Blog

With a few simple changes you can make every day feel like Spring in your home. Embrace the natural elements of the great outdoors and be inspired by country gardens for a space full or personality and rustic charm.


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