Blooming lovely

Finishing touches are so important when it comes to completing the look and feel you desire for your home. Whether it’s making sure there’s intricate beaded scatters for an opulent, elegant theme or thick rope curtain tie backs for the nautical look, these details can make all the difference in creating a synergistic home. One simple way to do this, and one of our favourite spring 2015 trends at  G Plan HQ, is via the types of flowers and foliage that you feature in the room. Some lend themselves to more sophisticated room spaces, while others offer just the right amount of a rustic feel.

 Blooming Lovely   Blooming Lovely

If you’re room space is glamorous and filled with luxurious fabrics, polished wood, glass and metallic tones then you want a flower than can fit in seamlessly. With their thick petals, long stems and crisp colours lilies are the perfect choice. White ones are best as they will not clash or draw attention from any other colours within the room and have a wonderfully distinctive scent. Place them in a large vase made from glass or black enamel to complement your interior scheme and create a visual contrast between the soft textured petals and the sheen of the vase.

 Blooming Lovely  Blooming Lovely

For a shabby chic interior where whitewashed woods, thick linen floral fabric and wicker baskets are present, there are many flowers you can choose from to complete the look. Daisies are whimsical and reminiscent of childhood, sunflowers offer a burst of colour and a bouquet of wild flower, including lilac, will infuse your home with nostalgic scents and a wash of natural colour. Using pitchers or large mason jars to hold them gives an unfinished, but polished look which is sympathetic to the rest of the scheme.

 Blooming Lovely   Blooming Lovely

For a room that offers vibrant brights, fun shapes and a lively atmosphere, then tulips are a wonderful choice. Their bulbous shape almost makes them look like they are straight from the pages of a children’s book, and as they are so versatile you can use them to create some stunning arrangements. Use long stemmed tulips, leave their luscious waxy leaves on and pop each one in a separate glass bottle to create a display for your window sill, or fill a white ceramic vase with red tulips for a contrasting punch of colour in your living space.

 Blooming Lovely  Blooming Lovely

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