Behind the scenes at G Plan

Nothing compares to the comfort of a G Plan sofa. Designed to last, you’ll notice our comfort commitment every time you sit on one of our sofas or chairs. We’re giving you an exclusive behind the scenes peek into the making of a sofa at our factory in Melksham, Wiltshire.

Meet Mark, our Design Director. Mark and the team work closely with marketing to develop a brief and then work begins on the design process. It all starts with a sketch…

Next is fabric selection. Normally this follows the design of the sofa; however sometimes an exciting new fabric discovery can kick start a brand new project. Ruth works with the finest mills and tanneries from across the world to develop beautiful, quality fabrics for our swatch books.

CAD is a key tool used by the development team to ensure the final sofa design can be made effectively and efficiently in the factory. We can look at a design from every single angle on the screen before we even build a piece of furniture. Here’s Andy who plans the lay of fabric panels to ensure we get the most out of the material with minimal wastage.

The new sofa design has hit the shops! Every piece of furniture is made to order and the journey begins on the cutting bench. Neil carefully cuts the fabric panels for the sofa cover, and then they are ready to be sewn.

Meet Hiliary, our talented seamstress. Here at G Plan we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Every cover choice has been carefully planned and matched with linings, zips and piping to ensure the perfect quality.

Every frame is cut specifically to order. We don’t hold any sofas in stock so each piece is tailor made for the individual customer. We use state of the art cutting machines and saws to achieve the perfect finish.

During the kitting stage, all the materials required to make the piece of furniture are selected and stored together in a trolley. From this point on, the components travel through the factory together ready for assembly.

Putting the frames together is a highly skilled job but our assemblers have it down to a tee. They work in pairs and repeat the process over and over again. Practice makes perfect and the teams become so in sync, they are almost working as a mirror image of each other. Amazingly, these guys can build a frame in less than 10 minutes!

The next stage in the process is cushion filling. The covers are stuffed with specially selected foams and fillings to ensure every sofa has the perfect level of comfort and support. Designed to last, you’ll notice this comfort commitment every time you sit in one of our sofas or chairs.

We have 15 upholstery lines running in the factory at any one time. The upholsterers receive a kit including everything they need to make a piece of furniture and work in teams of three. Each assembles their part of the sofa or chair before passing it down the line to the next. The product doesn’t ever touch the floor on our site – the first time it does will be inside the customer’s home!

Here we see one of the last and most important stages in our manufacturing process; quality control. Every sofa is inspected carefully to ensure it meets our high quality standards. Once it has the seal of approval, the sofa makes its way to the warehouse for bagging and despatch.

Finally, the sofas are carefully wrapped and loaded onto lorries ready for delivery to our retailers, and then onto customers’ homes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your exclusive peek behind the scenes at G Plan. We pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women who work hard to create stylish, quality sofas that deliver the ultimate in comfort. Browse the collection here.

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