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Our top tips on styling a blue sofa

A blue sofa is a classic – stylish, versatile and popular. From a bold navy to a soft baby blue, it’s a colour that can create a variety of moods within a space. We’ve compiled our top tips on how to style your blue sofa, to maximise the impact in your home.

Go rustic

Create a calming space by mixing soothing blue tones with natural textures and greenery. This interior trend brings the outside in, bringing coastal and woodland elements into your space. Choose light wood or white washed furniture to keep the room feeling airy and relaxed. Jute rugs and baskets can add depth, whilst introducing pops of orange and greens will elevate the space.

G Plan Riley Sofa in Cambridge Navy and Armchair in Plush Airforce

Metallic accents

For a more luxe look, mix velvet style sofas with gold and brass details. For instance metallic shelving, lighting and accessories can create an art deco style that’s both striking and elegant. Bold colour choices for scatter cushions, rugs or curtains help to keep the space feeling modern. Think yellows, emerald greens and reds.

G Plan Fifty Nine Corner Sofa in Matt Velvet Indigo

Pastel hues

Pastel blues can be like a breath of fresh air. To keep this look contemporary, pair this mood boosting hue with modern geometric detailing in rugs and artwork. Choose darker wood tones and black metal furniture to add balance. Finally, adding bursts of mustard yellow and orange through cushions and throws will inject energy to your room.

G Plan Jackson Sofa in Piero Carolina Blue

Blue on blue

For a truly dramatic look, why not layer various blue tones through your wall colour and rug choice. Blue with grey tones has a cocooning effect, so weaving these tones can create a cosy and inviting space. Pair with blush pinks for a more romantic look, or burnt orange for a mid century twist.

G Plan Sixty Five Chaise Sofa in Plush Indigo

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