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Sustainable ways to dispose of pumpkins

Each year millions of pumpkins are wasted and end up in landfills. However, there is so much more you can do to avoid this. In this blog, we explore a few ways to make the most of your pumpkins and dispose of them in the most sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Eat them

Pumpkins are a very versatile vegetable and they are also delicious! One of the most sustainable ways to dispose of your pumpkins is to eat them. There are so many scrumptious recipes you could try, from pumpkin cupcakes to a warming pumpkin and chickpea curry and more.


Leave any pumpkins left-overs out for the birds and local wildlife to enjoy as a seasonal treat. Or, before the pumpkins go rotten or mouldy, ask your local farmer if they would like them for their animals to enjoy.


Chop up your pumpkins into small chunks and let them all break down on your compost pile or even bury them in the garden. All of the pumpkin goodness is a great way to add rich nutrients to your garden. We suggest removing the seeds to avoid your own mini pumpkin patch next year.

Seasonal decorations

To get the most out of your pumpkins, before they start to go too soft and go over, you could turn them into a pumpkin vase. These make the perfect, seasonal decoration. All you need to do is:

  • Use your carved out pumpkin
  • Place a large/small vase inside with fresh water (depending on the pumpkin size)
  • Add your autumnal bunch of flowers


Feature image: Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash.

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